Common Access Card

CAC Support from Lieberman SoftwareEnterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) supports multi-factor authentication through the Common Access Card (CAC). Leading regulatory mandates – including the Consensus Audit Guidelines (CAG) and others – require use of multi-factor authentication for accessing highly privileged accounts.

The Common Access Card was implemented to enhance the security of Federally controlled facilities and computer systems. It’s used as a standard identification card, as well as for authentication to enable access to DoD computers, networks, and facilities for military personnel, DoD civilian employees and contractors.

When ERPM is used in conjunction with CAC, only authorized staff with physical possession of a CAC and properly provisioned credentials can access the privileged account passwords generated and stored by the Lieberman Software product. This helps ensure that the powerful privileged credentials found on every computer, network appliance, and line-of-business application in your organization can't be compromised by key loggers, shoulder surfing and social engineering exploits. 

ERPM makes it easy to configure multi-factor authentication. Support for leading multi-factor authentication technologies is provided at no additional cost to supported ERPM customers. And, ERPM leverages your existing security infrastructure to grant access only to authorized IT administrators and staff – as authenticated by CAC.

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