Secure Your Applications

Securing Application PasswordsInside the datacenter it’s your privileged account credentials that control interactions between each of your applications and the databases, middleware, and other application tiers upon which they rely.
Yet the application-to-application and application-to-database credentials in most IT environments present an elevated security risk, because:

  • The privileged passwords that are hard-coded into your applications may seldom change and can become known to more and more individuals over time – making them targets for abuse.
  • Absent proactive security controls, hard-coded application passwords may be cryptographically weak and provide an easy launch point for hackers and malicious programs to access your network.

Securing Application Passwords

Fortunately Enterprise Random Password Manage (ERPM) safeguards application passwords throughout your enterprise. Unique for its ability to manage embedded privileged account credentials in your application tiers, ERPM helps you replace hard-coded privileged account passwords found in the widest range of applications with cryptographically secure, frequently changed credentials.
ERPM continuously secures embedded passwords in web application tiers, packaged software programs, line-of-business applications, custom programs and more – and automatically changes these passwords according to rules that you define for complexity and change frequency. It then synchronizes all updates across interdependent tiers to prevent lockouts and service disruptions. ERPM works in these ways:

  • Native, out-of-the box integration with leading applications and databases including IIS, ASP.NET, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, and DB2, and others.
  • An SDK, included at no additional cost, to secure embedded credentials in packaged and custom programs on Windows, Linux and UNIX. Applications run the SDK client code when needed to retrieve credentials programmatically, over an encrypted connection, from ERPM’s secure data store.
  • Automatic string replacement with custom propagation to secure passwords in application files including database configuration files, web.config, compiled binary files and others.
  • Launching arbitrary processes to find and update privileged account credentials – executing both your custom processes and scripts supplied by third-party software vendors to secure the credentials according to your policies.

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