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Don't Fall Victim to Unmanaged Privileged Accounts

It's easy to eliminate top security threats that can give hackers, malware and unauthorized insiders access your private data. Ask about a privileged account risk assessment from Lieberman Software.

A Lieberman Software engineer can guide you through the process and will provide a confidential risk assessment document.

Your risk assessment can answer these questions: 
Risk Assessment Report

  • Does your network have undocumented privileged logins that can provide anonymous, "super user" access to computers, network appliances, and business applications anywhere on your network?
  • Are there unsecure system and application accounts inside your datacenter that make easy targets for hackers and malware – including privileged credentials that have remained unchanged in violation of regulatory compliance mandates?
  • Do you have stale, highly privileged logins that could  be present on any system, appliance and application -  and known to unauthorized individuals - because of personnel turnover, administrative errors, and other issues... and much more.

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