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Privileged Account Risk Assessment

Get the Facts. Or Get Hacked.

Your datacenter could be home to thousands of vulnerable privileged accounts including:

  • Stale, shared and misconfigured administrative logins
  • Hardware and application instances with unchanged default logins
  • Poorly secured and easily cracked credentials present in service accounts, VM hypervisors and network appliances

Today's automated hacking tools can exploit even a tiny number of improperly secured privileged logins, giving hackers free reign on the network and control of your private data within minutes of an incursion.

Fact: without privileged account Auto-Discovery you'll never find - and can't remediate - these dangerous security holes.

Act now to get a Risk Analysis – using ERPM Auto-Discovery – to learn about your privileged account security holes before it's too late.
Risk Assessment Report

  • Does your network have undocumented default logins that provide anonymous, "super user" access to computers, network appliances, and business applications?
  • Are there unsecured system and application accounts that make easy targets for malware and automated hacking tools?
  • Do you have stale, highly privileged passwords that are known to unauthorized individuals because of staff turnover and admin errors?
  • ... and much more.

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