Automated Management and Reporting System

Automated Management and Reporting System

Managing hundreds or thousands of user accounts can be an impossible task. Good administrative practice requires that inactive or password-expired accounts be locked out or reset, as appropriate, to keep the best balance of security and user access.

Account Reset Console provides an automated management and reporting system that can help manage the user accounts in your environment. Management tasks can be run on a scheduled basis looking for accounts that have expired or near-expired passwords, haven’t been access for a defined number of days, or where the user hasn’t configured the personal questions for self-service reset.

Once the task has run, it can perform actions, such as sending emails to the end-user or disabling/enabling the account. All the results are also logged, and can be viewed by administrators with appropriate rights.

The scope of the management tasks can be targeted by groups and by users, to make sure that administrative accounts or other critical accounts (like the bosses) are never changed.


Account Reset Tasks Account Reset Console’s Scheduled Tasks can automatically email users or enable/disable accounts with expiring passwords. 

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