Application Access Control


Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM™) gives authorized staff a delegated interface to launch corporate applications – whether hosted on premises or in the cloud - with a single click.

Users log into ERPM and see only authorized applications; they can then click their choice of application and are transparently logged onto the application or website without ever seeing the administrator credentials. Full session recording can be configured to create an application access audit trail that can help prove compliance.

Authorized administrators can easily configure, customize and expand on-premises, cloud, and third-party Web apps (such as, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others) for secure, delegated access.

ERPM privileged access management offers:
  • Easy scalability – manages the largest environments without the need to buy add-on appliances
  • Unlimited applications – makes it easy for authorized admins to configure new applications – whether on-premises or in the cloud – without any vendor lock-in
  • Open standards – with transparent documentation and easy extensibility
  • Choice of configuration – enable users to launch on local machines or a secure bastion host / jump server

Configurable Application Launcher

Privileged Access Management

Users Login to ERPM and See Corporate Applications They're Authorized to Access (Click to Enlarge)

The ERPM application launcher leverages Microsoft RemoteApp on its bastion host to securely launch applications. ERPM supports multiple bastion hosts for easy deployment and access to cloud services as well as on premise services.

Remote terminal programs such as PuTTy and virtually any other SSH client can be run and controlled from the ERPM bastion host. ERPM can transparently connect with a username and password, SSH keys, and also supports SSH tunneling and proxies out of the box.

ERPM makes it easy to configure secure access with optional session recording, to a wide variety of enterprise applications such as SQL Management Studio, Oracle Enterprise Manager, IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager, and many more.

Open Standards

The ERPM solution uniquely provides integration source code and complete documentation so you can transition current and future applications for secure user login. Now you can leverage the full range of VDI, virtualization, server farms, and other flexible technologies in your environment.

With ERPM you'll avoid the wait for technical support and expensive professional services engagements when it's time to expand your application lists. Best of all, the technology is non-proprietary, scalable, fully documented, and able to help you take control of your deployment quickly and easily.

Learn More

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