Reduce IT Staff Workloads

HP OpenViewOrganizations that store privileged account credentials on spreadsheets, on removable media and in conventional digital vaults face heightened risks from too many individuals with prolonged, anonymous access to sensitive data. That’s because conventional techniques to store so-called “super user” credentials enable the sharing of password secrets and loss of individual accountability.

Worse yet, when it’s time to recover these privileged credentials to perform routine system maintenance or emergency “fire call” repairs, valuable time is lost while personnel scramble to find approvals and step through the check-out processes.

But on networks with Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), gaining privileged access to systems and applications can be an expedient and reliable process. Every access request is fully audited without consuming additional IT staff time. And you gain the full accountability and visibility that IT managers need to understand precisely who has access to sensitive data and who has the ability to make configuration changes - and at precisely what time.

In the case of one government agency, ERPM was able to immediately block former subcontractors from continuing to access IT resources after their contracts expired, and prevent them from gaining unrestricted network access.

ERPM can help your IT staff do the same by providing the following privileged credentials management capabilities:

  • Immediate access. Authorized personnel get instant, delegated access to check out privileged account passwords from anywhere on your network, any time of the day or night, through any Web enabled device.
  • Strong authentication. Encrypted sessions and the option for highly-configurable two-factor authentication ensure that only the right individuals have access.
  • Multi-user support. Unlimited concurrent users can access the web-based password checkout application for fast, delegated password check out.
  • Management visibility. Authorized managers and auditors get expanded Web access with the ability to view and authorize check-out requests, configure access, and instantly view comprehensive auditing and compliance reports by user, system and account.
  • Specialized workflows. Grant your authorized vendors and contractors temporary remote access without their ever seeing a privileged account password.
  • Real accountability. Privileged account passwords are automatically changed after check-out to prevent reuse and maintain an authoritative audit trail.

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