Web-Based User Interface

Get Secure Access from Anywhere You Choose

ERPM gives your authorized staff audited access to privileged passwords, configuration settings and reports through a secure web interface.

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) provides a secure, web-based interface that makes it easy for IT staff, Help Desk personnel, and other authorized users to quickly check out privileged accounts, view reports, and access interactive dashboards that provide in-depth business intelligence regarding privileged user activity, system status and IT service issues.

ERPM Business Intelligence Dashboard

ERPM Business Intelligence Dashboard 

Through the ERPM web interface you can:

  • Quickly authenticate users with their domain logins and other credentials
  • Present privileged passwords to authorized personnel in as few as two clicks after they login
  • Permit access from anywhere that you allow, in an encrypted Web session
  • Provide different views and options depending on the user's role – for example, displaying only those systems and accounts configured for access to each end-user, and presenting delegation and reporting features only to those administrators who are allowed access
  • Present systems and accounts in ways that make it easy for users to drill down to the resources they want to access – for example, by presenting hierarchical views, sortable lists, filters, and so on
  • Make it easy for contractors and others who may not have domain logins to access the solution
  • Allow authorized users to access in-depth auditing and compliance reports, and to interact with configurable dashboards that let you drill down from business intelligence charts to the underlying detailed reports.

The ERPM web interface displays only the features and options that you've enabled for each user and group, and presents a fully localized interface in your choice of language including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Arabic, Chinese (simple and classic) and more.

Web client platforms that are tested for compatibility with ERPM include Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, Firefox, Konquerer and Opera. The ERPM Web application is written in ASP (not in Java or similar languages) so there are no requirements for plug-ins or a specific browser type. This also assures compatibility with mobile browsers; a mobile version of the Web Application is included with ERPM.

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