Viewfinity Privilege Management

ViewfinityLieberman Software and Viewfinity have joined forces to provide the best-in-class technology for privileged identity management (PIM) and application privilege elevation. The combined solutions provide fully automated password management and privileged account auditing along with elevation of privileges for applications or to reduce permissions for privileged users on specific applications and tasks in a least privilege environment.

When Lieberman Software's Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM) is used in combination with Viewfinity’s Privilege Management solution, the two proven technologies offer flexible capabilities to  granularly pick and choose the appropriate PIM controls and permission policies based on the platform (desktop, laptop, server and mobile devices) for which the privileges are being managed.  Joint customers benefit from the most comprehensive solution available for tracking and auditing all privileged and administrative activities and elevated privilege policies across an organization's entire infrastructure, from Windows-based endpoints, to servers, virtual machines, cloud/SaaS, remote based-endpoints and any other system within the organization.

Viewfinity provides privilege management and application control for desktops, laptops and servers, empowering enterprises to meet compliance mandates, reduce security risks, and lower IT costs. The Viewfinity solution allows enterprises to control end user and privileged user rights for applications and systems which require elevated permissions. Viewfinity’s granular-level control enables companies to establish and enforce consistent policies for least privilege Windows-based environments based on segregation of duties. 

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