User Manager Pro Suite: Features & Benefits

User Manager Pro SuiteUser Manager Pro Suite allows IT administrators to report on and make global changes to user credentials, groups, rights, registry settings and more simultaneously across the Windows servers and workstations in the network.

Manage the IT operations on your Windows servers and workstations by modifying users, accounts, groups, registries, policies and much more en masse from a single console without deploying agents.

Maintain compliance with regulatory standards – such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS - by ensuring that administrator passwords are updated, and that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized users. Provide security auditors with comprehensive reports about your users, groups, right, settings and credentials.

Protect your Windows enterprise by blocking malicious software and other unauthorized programs from executing on your systems. Randomize administrator passwords to prevent the compromise of one system’s local password from affecting the security of your entire network.

Minimize threats and resolve problems in your Windows enterprise by identifying and responding to unauthorized programs and processes, finding open shares, determining the access rights of specific users or groups and more.

User Manager Pro Suite Features

Modify Accounts
Add/update/delete local accounts

Modify Groups
Add/update/delete local and global groups

Modify Rights
Change rights for local and global users and groups

Modify Policies
Change local security policies

Modify Settings
Change audit settings

Modify AD Attributes
Modify all standard Active Directory attributes including Organizational Units (OU)

Monitor Administrators Group
Determine who is member of Local Administrators group, modify local and global group membership to remedy security issues

Deploy Executables
Deploy and run executable files, including patches and hotfixes

Scheduled Reboots
Reboot systems at specified times, or abort reboot

Edit Registry
Edit registry keys, values and permissions

Deploy Patches
Deploy and run executable files, such as patches and hotfixes, to remote systems

Prevent Malware
Block malicious software and other unauthorized programs from executing

Remote Management
Support remote desktop management via VNC and Terminal Server

Randomize Passwords
Change local administrator passwords on all systems

Screen Session Recording
Capture and monitor administrator activities for regulatory compliance audits and security incident analysis through ObserveIT integration

Web Reporting
Access reports through a dedicated and audited web interface

Access Information
Reports can be sorted, filtered, and exported for quick access to specific, useful data

Security Permissions
Identify which accounts have access to which files and folders across all systems

Deferred Processing
Retry offline or otherwise unavailable systems automatically until operations succeed

Scheduled Operations
Schedule management and reporting tasks to run automatically

Zero Touch Install
Operate without deploying agents to client systems

Microsoft Certified on Latest Platforms
Microsoft Certified for Windows Vista, Windows 7,  Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V.

SpikeSource Certified
Achieves Intel standards for quality, security, and performance

Interactive Reports
View interactive reports on a variety of system information, including: 

- Local users, local groups, local group memberships

- Domain users, global groups, global group memberships, computer accounts 

- Event log entries, event log settings

- File shares, share permissions, files and folders

- Windows patches, service packs, installed software

- Registry keys/values

- Local security settings, audit settings, rights, domain trusts

- WMI information


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