User Manager Pro

User Manager Pro is the core component of the User Manager Pro Suite. It provides mass management and reporting of Windows configuration settings.

User Manager Pro allows system administrators to report on and make changes to local user credentials, groups, rights, registry settings, and more across all Windows systems in the network in a single operation.

You’ll have convenient access to real-time reports on all of the system data collected by User Manage Pro, with the ability to modify settings directly from the interactive reports. These extensive reports can be provided to security auditors to verify that you are in compliance with regulatory standards.

User Manager Pro is multi-threaded, giving it the ability to work quickly in environments with distributed sites, and it operates without having to install agents on clients.


  • Modify and report on users, groups, memberships, shares, auditing and more.
  • Block malicious software and other unauthorized programs from executing on client systems.
  • Locate and remove rogue users, groups, files, shares and permissions.
  • Secure and report on Windows groups, including the administrators group.