Task Scheduler Pro: Features & Benefits

Task Scheduler ProTask Scheduler Pro enables IT administrators to send both simple and complex scheduled tasks to large groups of systems, as well as report on the status of all running jobs in just seconds.

Protects your organization by deploying security updates to all Windows systems concurrently and by maintaining an audit trail of changes.

Helps maintain regulatory compliance by auditing the credentials tied to each task, and ensuring that the scheduling and management of tasks is only available to authorized personnel.

Increases productivity by allowing IT administrators to schedule and modify tasks for all systems in the Windows network, enabling those changes to hit the entire enterprise in seconds.

Task Scheduler Pro Features

Manage Tasks
Provides the ability to granularly modify existing tasks as well as create new tasks across multiple systems. 

Generate Reports
Reports on tasks/systems/task scheduler service information can be generated in text, CSV and HTML with email scheduling capability. 

Schedule Reboots
Reboots can be scheduled for all Windows machines, including remote systems. 

Flexible Networking
Operates without deploying agents to client systems and with multi-threaded implementation.

Audited Logs
Logs all activity, including task creations and modifications.

Status Monitoring
Provides real-time interactive feedback of the progress of a scheduled task.

Maintain Security
Applies security updates for both Windows and Internet Explorer-based applications.

Patch Deployment
Utilizes file copying as part of task creation to make it easy to push and run applications, specifically patches.

Archived Reports
Records and archives sites and settings of all tasks.

Change Credentials
Updates the credentials used by the AT Service to run applications remotely.

List Management
Provides machine list management based on browsing, IP range, NT domains, Active Directory and data sources.

ITASK Interface
Exploits all aspects of the Microsoft internal ITASK interface.

Centralized Management
Conducts all administrative operations en masse across the enterprise from a single console.

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