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IT Security Facts and FiguresWhat’s really going on inside the networks of today’s largest organizations? To find out, we anonymously poll IT administrators, managers and executives from organizations of all sizes, vertical markets and regions.

Here’s a snapshot of current trends in information security, cloud computing, IT outsourcing and BYOD - as told to us by today’s top professionals:

Cloud Security
  • 79.64% of survey respondents choose to keep their sensitive data on their organization's network, rather than the cloud.
  • 33.21% of those surveyed said the thought of government snooping deters them from keeping data in the cloud.
  • 74.55% of respondents think that the cloud applications their users download cause security headaches.

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State-Sponsored Cyber Attacks
  • Nearly 58% think that the US is losing the battle against state-sponsored attacks.
  • More than 74% are not confident that their network has never been breached by a foreign state sponsored attack or an advanced persistent threat.
  • Nearly 63% think a state-sponsored attacker will attempt to breach their organization in the next six months.

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Information Security - 2012

  • 39 percent of IT staff can get unauthorized access to their organization’s most sensitive information – including the CEO’s data.
  • 68 percent of respondents believe that as an IT professional they have more access to sensitive data than people in other departments.
  • 20 percent of IT professionals have already exploited their privileged access. 
  • 11 percent of respondents would use their access to sensitive data if they were laid off. 

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Information Security - 2013

  • 73.3% of respondents would not bet $100 of their own money that their company won't suffer a data breach in the next six months. 
  • 32.3% work in organizations that do not have a policy to change default passwords when deploying new hardware, applications and network appliances.  
  • 81.4% think that staff tend to ignore the rules that IT departments put in place.
  • 52.2% believe that staff would not listen more even if IT directives came from executive management, rather than IT.
  • 75.8% think that employees in their organization have access to information that they don't necessarily need to perform their jobs. 

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IT Outsourcing  

  • 42% of respondents claim that costs of their outsourcing agreements were higher than originally planned.  
  • 64% suspect that their outsourcers made up work to earn extra money.

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  • 67% of respondents think that BYOD increases IT security costs.
  • 43% of respondents worry that BYOD could lead to virus infection

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