Stale User Accounts

Disable Stale User Accounts 

Account Reset Console is known for its ability to let delegated users securely reset their own passwords without involving the Help Desk staff.

However, you may not realize that the product also provides the built-in ability to identify and scan all user accounts, and automatically disable stale or unknown accounts.

When Account Reset Console locates accounts that have been inactive for an excessive amount of time, a warning email is sent to the users requesting that they logon. If those accounts remain inactive after the warning, the product can automatically disable them. The user can then contact the Help Desk to reactivate the dormant account, and it can be turned back on without losing data or security settings.

Preventing Security Breaches
By identifying and quickly disabling inactive user accounts, potentially serious security breaches into the network are closed. The risk is that stale accounts can be exploited to gain unauthorized access to sensitive company resources.

Users should not maintain access to any system when their job duties no longer require it. All accounts for former employees or contractors should be suspended immediately. This is a security best practice that can also help organizations maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

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