Service Account Manager Case Stories

Lieberman Software Provides Secure Password Management for Law Firm

“Grieve turned to Lieberman Software's User Manager Pro Suite and Service Account Manager to manage the cumbersome task of changing the administrator password on all systems, even when the systems are in different locations.”

Credit Union Turns to Lieberman Software for Remote Systems Maintenance Operations

Clingan found that by using just a few features of User Manager Pro Suite and Service Account Manager he was able to reduce his workload and increase the overall security of his environment, more then justifying the cost of the tools.

Lieberman Software Helps Manage Credit Union’s Complex Enterprise

"I just love these tools," Gooch concluded. "They have not only saved me time and valuable IT resources, they have enabled me to complete tasks that could not get done before."

Service Account Manager Helps Federal Government Achieve Security Compliance

“The combination of centrally managed service modifications with fully audited reports on credentials usage, make Service Account Manager an integral tool in achieving security compliance mandates.”