Service Account Manager Revision History

Current Version: 5.60
Build: 091029
Released On: October 29, 2009

  • Added: Can now set service credentials to run as NT Authority\Network Service
  • Added: Can now set service credentials to run as NT Authority\LocalService
  • Added: Support for changing clustered services
  • Updated: Support of Vista and later operating systems
  • Fixed: Pre and post run operations may use incorrect account credentials
  • Fixed: Countdown timers were not visually updating in terminal services
  • Fixed: Browse option when changing service executable path
  • Fixed: Incorrect licensing of systems
  • Fixed: Changing service description updated service name instead of description
  • Removed: shell browser for Vista and later operating systems

Previous Version: 5.04
Build: 070214
Released On: February 14, 2007

  • Added: can set service security permissions (DACL)
  • Added: can set service auditing settings (SACL)
  • Added: can change service dependencies
  • Added: can change service executable path
  • Added: can change service description
  • Added: can change service startup error control
  • Resolved: During launch of SAM, app would occasionally crash
  • Resolved: SAM would crash if too many systems and services were refreshed at once
  • Resolved: SAM would allow the use of a blank username when setting a service credential
  • Resolved: Data store configuration dialogue displayed incorrect settings if anything other than registry was selected
  • Resolved: SAM and UMP could not run at the same time

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