Service Account Manager: Features & Benefits

Service Account ManagerService Account Manager simultaneously updates all Windows service credentials and confirms that their associated rights and memberships are correctly configured. This enhances the productivity of the administrators who manage servers and the performance of Windows machines. Frequent updates to service account passwords also helps ensure compliance with regulatory mandates. 

Helps administrators centrally manage services in the constantly evolving IT infrastructure, without resorting to manual processes or scripts.

Minimizes service disruptions that affect mission-critical servers and cause them to slow or crash at the same time every day.

Enhances system security by allowing service credentials to be quickly updated, even if administrators leave the organization.

Maintains regulatory compliance by ensuring that service account credentials are regularly changed, and by auditing the use of domain administrator credentials.

Service Account Manager Features

Consolidated View
View all services on all managed systems in one comprehensive list.

Password Resets
Reset passwords for the domain accounts under which services across all systems are running.

Enterprise Control
Manage all service account rights and group memberships on all systems in the network in a single operation.

Dependency Analysis 
Perform full dependency analysis on each service start and stop.

Update Services
Locate and update all services running under specific accounts.

Replace Services
Find and replace service accounts by name/password.

Modify Services
Modify service dependencies, as well as service security and auditing settings.

Restart Services
Restart services automatically at regular intervals to stop memory leaks.

Peak Performance
Handle changes to thousands of machines in just a few minutes.

Access Control
Allow detailed and granular control to the configuration of services.

Logon Cache 
Update the local logon cache with a copy of the changed credentials.

Remote Operations
Install and remove services remotely using integrated support for VNC or Terminal Services.

Schedule Tasks
Change or update services and reboot servers according to your schedule.

Comprehensive Auditing
Maintain a detailed audit trail by recording all systems that have been changed.

Alternate Credentials
Load as many alternate credentials as needed for cross domain and workgroup administration of service accounts.

Filtered Reports
Generate filtered HTML reports and CSV files detailing service configurations, with optional email alerts.

SQL Back-End
Uses SQL Server to store all Windows service data.

Agentless Installation
Operates without deploying agents on client systems.

SpikeSource Certified
Achieves Intel standards for quality, security, and performance.

Microsoft Certified on Latest Platforms
Microsoft Certified for Windows Vista, Windows 7,  Server 2008, Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V.


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