Four Key Steps to Securing Privileged Identities in Healthcare

Privileged Identity Management for HealthcareA Hospital Regains Control

The IT manager at a large, public hospital system told us that shortly after deploying Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) to help automate HIPAA IT audit reporting, ERPM began detecting and closing some serious security gaps when it came to privileged accounts.

For example, a null, local administrator password on a server at one remote clinic granted anyone there access to confidential patient data. 

Not only did Lieberman Software help the hospital secure that server, but it also found other at-risk credentials and promptly secured them, too – returning control over sensitive patient data and restoring real HIPAA compliance.

Learn from the Leaders

Today's conventional perimeter security software can't protect your organization's privileged, "super-user" accounts, but there are four simple steps you can take to get them under control.

Download "Who Holds the Keys to Your IT Kingdom? Four Key Steps to Securing Securing Privileged IdentitiesPrivileged Identities in Healthcare" to learn the essential steps you can take right now to:

  • Lower the cost and uncertainty of HIPAA compliance;
  • Identify at-risk passwords and vulnerable IT assets; and
  • Control, monitor and audit access to sensitive healthcare data


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