Sarbanes-Oxley: Random Password Manager

Random Password Manager randomizes local administrator and root account passwords throughout the enterprise, and allows for remote recovery of current passwords when necessary. It can simultaneously manage thousands of systems from one console, and enables fully audited control over which administrator account passwords a user can access and for what length of time.

Random Password Manager helps with several facets of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance including protecting data from unauthorized access, creating unique user IDs, controlling administrative privileges, generating audit-ready security reports, and conducting audits of user privileges.

Random Password Manager does so by providing the following controls:

  • Randomizing privileged account passwords on any account in the enterprise across an unlimited number of systems.
  • Creating random passwords from 1-127 characters of varying complexity that are unique, thereby mitigating the risk of peer-to-peer network access.
  • Delegating a group of users with the ability to recover passwords set by Random Password Manager for a group of systems.
  • Re-randomizing recovered passwords after a specified period of time, so that a password is not inadvertently made available to incorrect personnel.
  • Ensuring that only permitted groups are able to gain administrative control of a system.
  • Securing privileged passwords with AES-256 bit encryption and hardware-based encryption.
  • Logging every action of the product, including logon attempts and password recoveries.

To find out more about how Random Password Manager can help your organization achieve compliance with sections 302 and 404 of Sarbanes-Oxley contact a Lieberman Software account manager.

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