SMTP Express - Standalone Email Server

Background: Integrated Email Server

The optional SMTP Express package allows users of Lieberman Software products to send email (i.e. scheduled reports) directly from their workstations or servers without the need for an external SMTP server. This integrated email server package is essential to customers with restrictive email server policies where it is impractical to install an accessible and workable SMTP server, or where MAPI (Microsoft Exchange standard) is the only allowed method of sending email.

Installation and use of SMTP Express is very easy. We created a custom installer package that installs the service and configures it for you. We also install and start a mail monitoring package that is accessible via your Start menu tray. Within our products, you simply go to the Email Settings dialog and select the installed internal server.

SMTP Express does not create a generally accessible SMTP server that provides email access to other users on your network. It is a standalone service that forwards email only for the Lieberman Software products on your local machine. Each machine running our products that needs SMTP Express must have its own local copy of SMTP Expressed installed.

SMTP Express is provided at no additional charge to you. Lieberman Software purchased an unlimited distribution license from Quiksoft that allows this package’s use (via our programs) without any additional payments from our customers.

Installation Considerations

1) Support for SMTP Express' functionality is found in Lieberman Software product versions beginning in July, 2005.

2) You must install SMTP Express before configuring the applications that use it. If you notice that the option to use this software is grayed-out within your application, the installation of SMTP Express was not completed.

3) You must be an administrator of your local machine to install this software.

4) This software was meant to be installed on a Windows 2000/XP or greater machine. If you wish to install it on a Windows NT system, you will need to manually provide the DNS server address used for sending email.

If you have any questions or concerns about this program’s installation or operation before or after it has been installed, please contact our support department for assistance.