Real-Time Visualization

Dashboard: Get VisualYour privileged identity management solution can do more than secure your network – it should also provide actionable business intelligence to help you quickly spot security risks, gain insight into problem systems and applications, and help you manage IT for greater efficiency.

With its visualization dashboard E/RPM helps you to:

  • Prove privileged account IT regulatory compliance with a single graphical view – or immediately pinpoint any issues on your network that could lead to audit failures.
  • Quickly spot changes in access behavior to give you an early warning of IT service problems or personnel issues.
  • Configure application-specific dashboards so you can immediately gauge the privileged account security and IT staff activity as they relate your core IT assets.
  • View the results of password workflows in graphical form to quickly spot roadblocks or policy issues that could be taking too much staff time.
  • Immediately drill down from high-level graphical views to details of the underlying events so you'll always know who did what, when and why.

ERPM Dashboard The E/RPM Dashboard Displays Privileged Account Security Issues At a Glance

Achieve More in Less Time

Because E/RPM manages and audits the privileged account security and access at the core of your datacenter, its dashboards can give you insights you won't find in other security products. The privileged actions and outcomes that were once anonymous – and invisible to your SIEM solution – are now in plain sight and easy to understand so you'll gain business insights and actionable intelligence.

The E/RPM dashboard is customizable for each user, providing information at-a-glance and options for interactive drill-down. Your dashboard can allow you to:


View password ages for all privileged accounts on your network – including Windows and Linux computers, mainframes, Network Appliances, databases, business applications and more – all in a single histogram, so you'll know at-a-glance that you're in compliance with corporate mandates and industry regulations. Here a spike of outlier accounts could alert you to systems and applications that are unprotected.    Dashboard: Managed Password Age
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 Dashboard: User Activity
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  See historical activity of all privileged password requestors and drill down to underlying reports with one click – so you'll be first to know about service activity on your network. Here a change of requestor activity might tell you about changes in IT service conditions or individual staff roles.
Quickly visualize how privileged accounts are managed in your organization so you'll always be assured that your configurations are aligned with your organizational structure and management policies. Here unexpected membership sizes could alert you to configuration and policy concerns.    Dashboard: Management Set Sizes
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 Dashboard: Windows Connection Times
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  View your last automated interactions with computers by type to quickly spot retired hardware, network problems and management configuration errors. Here outlier systems could help alert you to undocumented hardware changes and long-term connectivity problems.


…and many more.

The E/RPM dashboard is accessible to authorized users through the E/RPM web application. The dashboard is available with version 4.83.4 and above, and is provided at no additional charge to all supported E/RPM customers.

 ERPM Dashboard Drilldown Click a Chart to Drill Down on Underlying Events

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For more information on how E/RPM can help secure privileged identities and deliver valuable business intelligence contact an account manager.