Push and Run with User Manager Pro Suite

Need to run a one-time or recurring program/script across many machines?

User Manager Pro’s Push and Run feature allows you to grab files from a drive or share, push them onto the machines, and execute a command instantly.

The Push and Run feature is an easy mechanism to push out and run simple programs like batch files or scripts, as well as patches and applications. Push and Run Technology enables pushing a series of files to remote Windows hosts, then executing a command. It's especially useful when you need to reconfigure the registry, patch your machines or update virus protection files on every machine - and you need to get it done right now.

Push and Run is a great time-saver for ad hoc systems maintenance tasks, because it lets you avoid the time-consuming process of accessing each remote machine individually.

When you have a file that needs to be duplicated to all of your sites, it’s a lot easier to take one copy and send it out to all of your systems. User Manager Pro Suite's Push and Run feature lets you do just that.