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Regardless of which Privileged Identity Management solution you choose, you can increase control over your IT infrastructure, reduce security vulnerabilities, improve productivity and help ensure regulatory compliance. Trust Lieberman Software, pioneers of the Privileged Identity Management security market.  
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Deploy with Confidence                                                                        
Protect your infrastructure by securing the privileged identities on physical and virtual operating systems, network appliances, out-of-band management devices, hypervisors, databases, middleware, line-of-business applications and more.

Secure your stored privileged credentials with default AES-256 encryption and options for a FIPS 1402 validated module and PKCS#11 hardware encryption.

Leverage trusted platforms for your deployment with a choice of Microsoft or Oracle database.

Save IT staff time with no agents required for deployment.

Discover and Safeguard Your Infrastructure
Continuously secure major platforms including Windows, Linux, UNIX, OS/390, AS/400 and others.

 Quickly enroll new systems as they’re brought online, with zero operator intervention.

Secure privileged login accounts used by individuals to run programs, change configuration settings, and access sensitive data.

Secure powerful Directory Services Restore Mode (DSRM) Passwords on domain controllers.

Identify, secure and manage service accounts that require privileged login IDs and passwords to run.  

Safeguard application-to-application and application-to-database credentials on Windows, Linux and UNIX.

Protect critical IT services around-the-clock by continuously detecting, securing and propagating interdependent service accounts to help prevent service disruptions and application lockouts.

Continuously discover, synchronize and propagate Windows tasks login credentials.

Continuously discover, synchronize and propagate Windows COM+/DCOM/MTS applications.

Continuously discover, synchronize and propagate IIS Credentials such as the Anonymous account, application pools and .NET Config files.

Continuously discover, synchronize and propagate embedded accounts in scripts, binary files, applications, agents, Web services and others.

Continuously discover, synchronize and propagate credentials in SQL Server, Microsoft SCOM Run As accounts, SharePoint, automatic logon accounts, logon cache and more.

Manage and protect privileged identities in clustered services.

Protect in Real-Time
Manage and authenticate directly with leading directories including Active Directory, Oracle Internet Directory, Novell eDirectory, IBM Tivoli Directory Server, OpenLDAP and more.

Automatically enforce your organizational policies as staff roles change through real-time directory integration.

Continuously detect and secure privileged accounts present in any LDAP-compliant directory.

Access from Anywhere
Get quick, delegated access from any major web browser to check out passwords for fast system repairs.

Ensure that only the right personnel have access with encrypted sessions and the option for highly configurable two-factor authentication.

Grant expanded access to management and auditors with the ability to authorize requests, configure access, and view comprehensive reports from a secure Web interface.

Support concurrent users accessing the web-based password checkout application.

Give authorized vendors and contractors temporary remote access without their ever seeing a password.

Auto-roll passwords after each access to ensure accountability and prevent password reuse.

Gain Better Insight
Gain access to user, system, and account histories alongside operational reports and key performance indicators for your deployment.

Spend less time waiting for detailed auditing and compliance reports on large networks thanks to an optimized, independent data warehouse.

Receive immediate, configurable notification of password checkouts and unusual requests.

Fully customize your reports using add-on business intelligence reporting tools such as Crystal Reports™, SQL Server Reporting Services and others.

Safeguard Remote Sites and Network DMZs
Discover systems and enforce policies over high-latency WAN links thanks to a  scalable Zone Processing architecture.

Maintain responsive protection and reporting even across unreliable networks with Zone Processing.

Lower your WAN costs by cutting network management traffic with Zone Processing.

Discover and mitigate unsecured privileged identities and enforce your policies across domain security boundaries and  inside of network DMZs.

Minimize outbound management traffic through your firewalls for enhanced security.

Leverage your IT Investments
Pull real-time configuration data from most CMDBs configurable by fast, UI-based setup.

Integrate with BMC Atrium, CA CMDB, IBM CCMDB and other CMBDs for your configuration data.

Gain a critical edge in IT service management by controlling and auditing access to the privileged accounts that enable staff to change configuration settings of computer and network hardware, line-of-business applications, databases, and more.

Empower Your Applications
Option to secure, automate and audit end-user access to corporate applications - on premises and in the cloud - without users ever seeing a password.

Option to archive, search and display session recordings of users' actions when they access corporate applications.

Get out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Systems Center, HP Operations Center, HP Network Management Center, ArcSight and others.

Benefit from custom-level integration without custom programming through the unique Event Sink integration wizard.

Deploy deep, two-way integration with virtually any application through an SDK included at no additional charge.

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