NTFS Permissions Reporting

User Manager Pro SuiteOne aspect of a secure network is knowing which accounts have access to which files and folders. NTFS Permissions Reporting, part of User Manager Pro Suite, generates this information for all of your Windows servers and workstations, in one comprehensive display.

Access Permissions

Once you view the permissions assigned to users or groups, you can edit them to remove unwanted or incorrect entries and guarantee appropriate access.

NTFS Permissions Reporting queries your servers and records the NTFS permissions information into a SQL datastore which can be displayed directly through User Manager Pro or the Suite's Web Reporting component.

NTFS reports, like all reports generated by User Manager Pro, can be stored indefinitely, allowing you to track trends and changes over time.

Generating Reports

Creating an NTFS security report requires only a few simple steps, detailed in this overview.  

NTFS Permissions



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