In the News: 2009

  • Tek Tips, December 2009

    TekTips"Once a single computer is compromised, the intruders leapfrog from system to system, compromising highly sensitive privileged accounts throughout the organization until the infrastructure is mapped and its most valued information can be extracted quickly enough to render conventional safeguards powerless."

  • GSN Magazine, December 2009

    GSN"Lieberman Software provides privileged ID management for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server."

  • Dark Reading, December 2009

    Dark Reading"SharePoint Server makes extensive use of privileged accounts for its processes, and is an example of an enterprise service that could benefit from Lieberman Software's Enterprise Random Password Manager."

  • Newsday, November 2009

    "Given the high value of the traffic on Wall Street and One WTC [World Trade Center], pager interception complexity and physical proximity are not a problem for someone looking to get a leg up on the financial system," Lieberman said.

  • CIO Today, November 2009

    CIO Today"User Manager Pro helps organizations in all major vertical markets locate and remove rogue users, groups, and group memberships, change administrator passwords, discover and remove unauthorized shares, determine who is in the administrator group, find stale user accounts and, with Cratering, mediate virus infections – including zero-day infections that bypass conventional antivirus solutions."

  • Dark Reading, November 2009

    Dark Reading"Even the DBA can make a difference in terms of whether they're utilizing best practices in setting access controls," says Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, an account and password management firm. "The DBAs are really the core of this because they're really the protectors of the database."

  • Government Computer News, October 2009

    gov newsSecurity mavens like the idea of going deep into the anatomy of an application rather than just relying on antivirus software or operating system security functions. For instance, Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, called EMET "a good value-add for Microsoft ISVs [independent software vendors]."

  • Network World, October 2009

    network world"The other major announcement was from Lieberman Software, which unveiled a privileged identity management solution for the Oracle Ecosystem."

  • Help Net Security, October 2009

    helpnet"Lieberman Software has integrated its privileged identity management solution, Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), with Oracle."

  • Dark Reading, October 2009

    Dark Reading"For example, Lieberman notes, many organizations leave themselves at risk when they fail to encrypt database backup tapes. The data may be secure on the server, but if someone with ill intent gets hold of the unencrypted tape, then it will be compromised all the same."

  • Web Security Journal, September 2009

    WebSecurityJournal"Philip Lieberman will give a breakout session on How to Protect Your Government Agency with Backend IT Controls"

  • Campus Technology, September 2009

    1105"The London-based University of Westminster has chosen a utility from Lieberman Software to manage privileged user accounts."

  • Microsoft Certified Professional, September 2009

    MCP Magazine"In my experience, Microsoft tends to react proportionately to the amount of ink given to an issue brought up by vendors or the press," Lieberman said. "Real or fictitious threats all get a hearing and a response."

  • For the Record, September 2009

    ForTheRecord"Remote wipe capabilities are another helpful solution for devices frequently traveling beyond the confines of the organization, notes Philip Lieberman, CEO and president of Lieberman Software, a company providing enterprise solutions for security and systems management."

  • Pro Security Zone, November 2009

    "Phil Lieberman from Lieberman Software provides some advice on avoiding scareware including fighting the temptation to downgrade to XP."

  • SC Magazine, August 2009

    SC MagazineSC Magazine Awards Enterprise Random Password Manager 5 out of 5 stars in product review.

  • Information Systems Security, August 2009

    ISS"The job of a privileged password management technology is to inventory all systems, accounts, passwords and where they are used."

  • Ulitzer, July 2009

    UlitzerFounder and President of Lieberman Software, Philip Lieberman, will speak at Government IT Conference in October.

  • USA Today, July 2009

    USA Today"The unauthorized extraction of information is epidemic and essentially unstoppable," says Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, which makes password security systems.

  • Pro Security Zone, July 2009

    ProSecurityZone"Lieberman Software has gained Windows 7 compatibility on its privileged identity management and security management software."

  • IT Business Edge, July 2009

    "Identity and access management vendors to watch."

  • Network World, July 2009

    network world"First, the always fascinating Phil Lieberman (founder and CEO of Lieberman Software) weighed in on our recent discussions. My position has been that in theory IDaaS makes sense. [But] I believe that the IDaaS model breaks down in many areas."

  • Enterprise Systems Journal, June 2009

    enterprise systems"Lieberman Software’s has announced Account Reset Console 5.0, offering increased protection for sensitive user account passwords and enhanced enterprise performance and scalability."

  • Wall Street Journal, May 2009

    WSJ"But not everyone was satisfied with the report. Phil Lieberman, of Lieberman Software, criticized what he called its punitive tone. “They’re suggesting in this paper that if you don’t have good security, that you’ll be punished for it. The problem is that this is an evolving threat,” he said. “They seem to be waving the stick around a lot without having any serious carrots."

  • The Last Watchdog, May 2009

    LastWatchDog"Phil Lieberman, CEO,  Lieberman Software:  There needs to a be a bright line of reasonable care for enterprises as well as incentives to implement strengthened cyber security."

  • TechNews World, May 2009

    TechNewsWorld"The report also introduces a number of new cybersecurity concepts -- for example, a legal standard of care. Such a standard would give organizations a clear sense of what is expected of them at the commercial level, Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, told TechNewsWorld."

  • Dark Reading, May 2009

    Dark Reading"Enterprise Random Password Manager and Random Password Manager feed events to Systems Center based on password change, password verification, and password check-in/check-out job results."

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal, May 2009

    sox"Lieberman Software products integrate seamlessly with System Center Operations Manager to alert administrators to what users and the Help Desk are doing with privileged accounts from a single console."

  • Dark Reading, April 2009

    Dark Reading"Security vendor Lieberman Software also posted a survey of IT and security pros that indicates 60.7 percent of respondents work at organizations that have reduced their IT budgets in 2009. Some 40 percent of the respondents have reduced staff since January, the report states."

  • InfoSecurity Products Guide, April 2009

    InfoSecurityEnterprise Random Password Manager Wins Tomorrow's Technology Today Award for Privileged Account Password Management.

  • Government Computer News, April 2009

    gov news"Among the most secure password systems are those that use the principles of least privilege and need to know, which limit the user’s ability to access resources to only that which is necessary to do the job at hand, said Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software Corp."

  • InformationWeek, March 2009

    InformationWeek"While all privileged account managers can scan a network or Windows domain looking for systems to manage, Lieberman Software's Enterprise Random Password Manager extends its discovery of passwords to manage beyond typical operating system accounts."

  • Enterprise Systems, March 2009

    enterprise systems"Why is security given short shrift at some enterprises? Philip Lieberman, founder of Lieberman Software (a security management vendor), says a big reason is the enterprise’s culture, starting at the top."

  • SC Magazine, March 2009

    SC Magazine"Commenting on the proceedings, security software veteran Phil Lieberman, founder and CEO of Lieberman Software, said it is clear that the President is the ultimate "big hammer" when it comes to making government agencies cooperate and behave properly, but as with any CEO, he cannot be everywhere and needs clear policies that take care of the majority of situations that occur each day."

  • Washington Post, March 2009

    WashingtonPost"Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, a Los Angeles-based security software maker, said the new administration faces a tough job balancing privacy and civil liberties issues with the real need to help secure the Internet, a major engine of the world's economic activity."

  • The Last Watchdog, March 2009

    LastWatchDog"[Lieberman] says there has been a complete void of any government policies laying out who has primary responsibilities for mitigating cyber threats against  the private and public sectors."

  • eWeek, February 2009

    eweek"Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software in Los Angeles and a 30-year player in the cyber security field, praised Obama's decision to review the government's cyber security efforts."

  • InformationWeek, February 2009

    InformationWeek"The move drew praise from the technology industry. Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, said that the United States has lacked a coordinated policy on cyberwarfare."

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