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  • SC Magazine, April 2015

    SC Magazine article about insider threats“There is an assumption that if a person or group have the ‘keys to the kingdom' with full admin rights across an enterprise, that this is a viable and effective way to apply security policies. Anyone who has full admin rights and no accountability has the opportunity to effect an insider attack with a low risk of being detected. Without privilege admin controls there is no way of controlling this security blind spot.”
  • InfoSecurity, April 2015

    Info Security article about SANS insider threat surveyRoy Duckles, EMEA channel director at Lieberman Software, argued that many firms remove internal safeguards in order to maintain staff productivity levels. “Anyone who has full admin rights and no accountability has the opportunity to effect an insider attack with a low risk of being detected. Without privileged admin controls there is no way of controlling this security blind spot. Add to this the fact that many companies fail to enforce a strong password policy, and many passwords are replicated and known throughout an IT team, then it becomes just too easy for a person to find the access they require.”
  • SC Magazine UK, March 2015

    SC Magazine UK article on Dirty Facebook worm"Indeed, Lieberman describes the attack as an excellent example of how ineffective firewalls and end-point protection is in the real world. 'The only mitigation is to accept the new reality and toughen the interior of the environment with changes in network design (air gaps), aggressive proactive identity management to implement privilege access and least privilege so as to survive these attacks' Lieberman insists."
  • Consumers Digest, March 2015

    Consumers Digest article about wireless camera security"Consumers who didn’t purchase an Internet protocol, or IP, camera that encrypts data should change the default password on their camera to something that's difficult to guess, says Philip Lieberman, who is the president of security-management company Lieberman Software."
  • Dark Reading, March 2015

    Dark Reading article about Anthem breach“As with most failed security scenarios, the core problem is not technology, but is in fact a lack of leadership and culture," says Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. "The refusal to allow the OIG to scan their systems should have been a warning flag that OIG should have publicly published as a public service to Anthem customers."

  • InfoSecurity, March 2015

    Info Security article about FREAK vulnerabilityHowever, Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, cautioned that the [FREAK] attack is a “more or less a hypothetical threat” requiring a “a sophisticated attacker with a set of tools and technology not in common use.”
  • Vigilance, March 2015

    Vigilance article about Lieberman Software - RSA partnership. "The interoperable solution...will help organizations manage, control and enforce both privileged and end user access to applications, systems and data across the enterprise and the cloud, all in a single unified platform."
  • Entrepreneur, February 2015

    Entreprenuer Magazine article about IT toolsThe Lieberman Password Manager finds and strengthens server passwords, encrypts them and stores them in a database. Not only does it create complex passwords that staff don’t need to memorize and support common multi-factor authentication tools, it’s surprisingly easy to maintain once installed.
  • Pro Security Zone, January 2015

    ProSecurityZone article about pooled service account rotation With the new pooled service account rotation feature in Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), users can reliably configure privileged password changes on a continuous basis. This feature significantly lowers the risk of lockouts and cascading system failures caused when password updates for service and process accounts don’t reach every place on the network where those accounts are referenced.
  • Vigiliance Security Magazine, January 2015

    "Vigilance Security article about Skeleton Key malwareSkeleton key malware shows the need for privileged access management and session recording technology."
  • TechWorld, January 2015

    TechWorld article about state-sponsored hacks"A recent survey of attendees of August’s Black Hat Show by Lieberman Software found that 58 percent believe enterprises are “losing the battle” against state-sponsored attacks. Seventy-four percent were not sure their own networks hadn’t already been breached by such foes."

    A recent survey of attendees of August’s Black Hat Show by Lieberman Software found that 58 percent believe enterprises are “losing the battle” against state-sponsored attacks. Seventy-four percent were not sure their own networks hadn’t already been breached by such foes. - See more at:
  • Computing, January 2015

    Computing Magazine article on Sony Pictures is easy to modify malware to contain attribution addresses - proper tradecraft uses only anonymous proxies within embedded malware."The real question, said Lieberman, is "whether national security assets reveal intercepted IP traffic (i.e. packets) from North Korea exists regarding these events, that show positive command and control being initiated by North Korea".
  • Vigilance, December 2014

    Vigilance Security article about securing service desk  softwareThe inclusion of privileged account access records within service desk applications lets organizations promote a culture of accountability. ERPM’s integration with CA Service Desk Manager helps ensure that privileged account credentials are only available to personnel who have been authorized for access through a valid trouble ticket.
  • Bloomberg TV, December 2014

    Bloomberg TV piece on the Sony hack. Philip Lieberman: Why the Sony Hack Isn't a Surprise
  • Security FAQs, December 2014

    Security FAQs article about the Sony hack. Philip Lieberman, CEO and President of Lieberman Software Corporation, said:“This attack represents a worst case scenario where every machine and asset owned by Sony that was connected to their network was compromised and made available to a hostile outside group. Effectively Sony lost the ownership of their company to an outside group due to poor security
  • USA Today, December 2014

    USA Today article about Sony data breachMerely the fact that the hackers — whoever they turn out to be — made the threat totally changes the nature of the event, said security expert Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software Corporation. "Up to now it was about money, revenge, etc. With this posting, the U.S. government can now get involved in a major way," he said.
  • Channel Pro, December 2014

    Channel Pro article about Lieberman SoftwareDuckles maintains privilege identity management is becoming more relevant, and that there is a growing awareness among customers that they need to adopt the technology to help control the access to sensitive data within their organisations.
  • Redmond Channel Partner, December 2014

    Redmond Channel about 2104 data breaches"Just as with Heartbleed, users need to stay up on their vendors, credit card agencies and more to ensure that once the problem gets fixed, those users need to change their passwords," says Chris Stoneff, director of professional services at Lieberman Software.
  • New Business, December 2014

    New Business artilce about data security researchA survey from Lieberman Software Corporation is perhaps even more worrying. Surveying IT professionals, 68% of those asked believed that they have more access to sensitive information than colleagues in other departments, leaving businesses wide open to data breaches from the inside. The survey found that 39% of IT staff can get unauthorised access to their organisation's most sensitive information - including the CEO's private documents - and one in five has already accessed data they shouldn't.
  • Information Security Buzz, December 2014

    Information Security Buzz article on holiday IT security freezePhil Lieberman of Lieberman Software said the funny thing about the yearly IT technology season freeze for retailers makes a lot of sense – except it doesn’t. “Obviously, the busiest period of sales should not be the time to replace point of sale systems, upgrade databases, or introduce new store systems as the disruption introduced would result in little positive benefit. “On the other hand, most retailers have abysmal internal IT security that is just waiting to be exploited by criminals."
  • Yahoo News, December 2014

    Yahoo News article about Sony data breachRoy Duckles, EMEA channel director at password management firm Lieberman Software Corporation said of the breach: "Putting all your passwords in a folder marked passwords is a very obvious mistake, the hackers must have thought it was Christmas when they found that file. The key point that we keep stating is, unless you have all admin passwords under management with very strong randomisation and encryption, across your entire IT infrastructure, the hackers will find a way in and effect a breach."
  • LA Times, November 2014

    LA Times article about Sony Pictures hack. A recent report from the consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers estimated that more than 117,000 cyberattacks hit businesses each day, but few are on the scale of the blow dealt to Sony, said Philip Lieberman, president of security management program maker Lieberman Software. He said similar attacks have unfolded in this way: A hacker gains access to login information for an IT administrator, then uses those credentials to sniff around the network. "Ransom-ware," like that appearing on Sony employees' computers, is installed.
  • Redmond Magazine, November 2014

    Redmond Magazine article about Windows Azure Marketplace"Lieberman Software has made available as a virtual image in the marketplace its Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), which the company said provides enterprise-level access controls over privileged accounts throughout the IT stack, both on premises and now in Azure."
  • InfoSec Institute, October 2014

    InfoSec Institute article about Shellshock"The products at the company where I work, Lieberman Software, are unaffected by Shellshock. Our products run exclusively on Microsoft Windows, so our customers’ deployments benefit from the documented and vetted security standards and regular security and patching cycles of those platforms."
  • SC Magazine UK, October 2014

    SC Magazine UK article about defending against APTsA new survey from Lieberman Software reveals that almost eight in ten IT security professionals believe that perimeter security technologies like firewalls and anti-malware solutions are sufficient in defending against advanced persistent threats (APTs).
  • Help Net Security, October 2014

    Help Net Security article on APTs"The survey, which was carried out at Black Hat USA in August 2014, also revealed that 22 percent of those surveyed do not think that tools like firewalls and antivirus are able to defend against APTs. However, given the surge in organisations suffering advanced targeted cyber attacks, this number should have been much higher."
  • Dark Reading, October 2014

    Dark Reading article about AT&T breach"The AT&T breach highlights the need for automated systems to not only monitor access to sensitive systems but also to limit how much access to data an employee can accumulate, Lieberman says."
  • Windows IT Pro, October 2014

    Windows IT Pro article on SSL 3.0 bugCybersecurity expert Philip Lieberman, President of Lieberman Software, has this to say on the matter: "Failure to use sufficiently powerful and automated privilege management software and technologies makes these zero day attacks very effective for persistent access even after the vulnerabilities have been patched.  Those companies that attempt to manage passwords, keys and certificates by hand will be victimized after these vulnerabilities have been patched."
  • SC-Magazine, October 2014

    SC Magazine article on defending against APTsCommenting on the survey findings, Philip Lieberman, Lieberman Software's president, said that cyber-attacks are evolving at an astounding pace and, because of this, we - as an industry - are constantly facing extremely sophisticated attacks, something which we have never witnessed before. "Organisations need to take this threat seriously, they cannot stop these attacks - and building taller and thicker walls won't keep the hordes out," he explained.
  • InfoSecurity, October 2014

    Info Security article on state-sponsored cyber attacksHowever, Lieberman Software EMEA director, Roy Duckles, warned that if companies “think” they might have been breached, they probably have been. “The effect of a breach is often silent, in that a company has no way of knowing who has been in their network, for how long and what has been taken,” he told Infosecurity.
  • SC Magazine, October 2014

    SC Magazine article on service account passwords"...a study by Los Angeles-based Lieberman Software found that only 53 percent of organizations update their account service and process account passwords on a quarterly basis."
  • Dark Rreading, September 2014

    Dark Reading article about Shellshock"I see this as a failure in the mindset of the open-source community where everyone waits for everyone else to do something or find something," says Chris Stoneff, director of professional services for Lieberman Software. "One of the interesting things happening with so much bashing of closed-source projects like Microsoft and the embrace of more open software like Linux and OSX is how much visibility Linux and OSX have gained in recent years to would-be attackers. It has shone a light on one of the biggest lies perpetrated on people: We are not vulnerable because we don't use Microsoft. Well, the proof is now here, and it's time for Linux and OSX and UNIX to take some heat."
  • ChannelWeb, September 2014

    ChannelWeb article about CARMAs part of that portfolio, Lieberman Software can provide the privileged identity management, access control, and password management aspect. "It manages access to everything from tin to Twitter when it comes to admin passwords," Duckles points out. "And if you don't manage them, you are going to get breached."
  • Time, September 2014

    Time Magazine article on celebrity photo hack"Lieberman said that for hackings in the commercial world, the average time the hacker or hackers have spent in the system is 200 days. This suggests the intruders could’ve had months to amass a large collection of explicit photos."
  • InfoSecurity Magazine, September 2014

    Info Security article about state-sponsored cyber attacks"When Lieberman Software conducted a similar survey at Black Hat 2013, the majority of respondents (57%) revealed they were confident that their organization's security products and processes could keep up with new and emerging security threats. However, in the 2014 study, this figure dropped significantly, to only 41%."
  • SC Magzine UK, September 2014

    SC Magazine article about stae-sponsored cyber attacks"A new survey conducted by Lieberman Software at BlackHat USA, reveals a general lack of confidence among IT security professionals when it comes to the threat of advanced, state-sponsored attacks and the susceptibility of today's networks."
  • DarkReading, September 2014

    Dark Reading article about state-sponsored cyber attacks"Conducted among Black Hat attendees by Lieberman Software, the survey asked infosec professionals about their organizations' readiness to respond to state-sponsored and other advanced attacks. The study found that 59% of respondents believe their organizations are likely to be the target of a state-sponsored attack sometime in the next six months."
  • Channelnomics, September 2014

    Channelnomics article about state-sponsored cyber attacks"The latest report comes from Lieberman Software, a provider of privilege-management products. After surveying IT security professionals at Black Hat USA 2014—mostly about state-sponsored cyber-attacks—the company came up with some disconcerting stats."
  • Continuity Central, September 2014

    Continuity Central article about state-sponsored cyber attacks"As new cyber attacks continue to emerge, 48 percent of IT security professionals admit they are not confident that they could detect an attacker attempting to breach their network, according to a new survey from Lieberman Software Corporation."
  • Search AWS, September 2014

    Tech Target article about AWS cloud securityIn fact, 33.21% of those participating in Lieberman Software's 2014 Cloud Security Survey said government snooping deters them from keeping data in the cloud, and 79.64% of survey respondents choose to keep their sensitive data on their organization's network rather than in the cloud. Yet, that's still better than the 86% who, in 2012, said they preferred to keep sensitive data on their own network.
  • CRN UK, September 2014

    CRN UK article about privilege management channel growthLieberman Software claims the Edward Snowden scandal has driven resellers into its arms after signing up 30 European partners.
  • HelpNet Security, September 2014

    HelpNet Security article about Home Depot breachPhilip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, said that he was not surprised this has happened. "We were in contact with them many years ago trying to convince them to implement automation technology to rotate their passwords, but they chose to implement a less expensive and inferior solution from an off-shore company. The rest of the targets in the listed article by Krebs purchased the same ineffective technology from the same off-shore company with similar results.”
  • Los Angeles Times, September 2014

    LA Times article about celebrity iCloud hackHowever, security expert Phil Lieberman, founder and president of Lieberman Software, said "Apple [is] correct when they say their system wasn’t breached in that no one gained universal access. They, however did have poorly implemented security that allowed this. This is like someone selling you a cheap lock. It's pretty embarrassing. This is Security 101."
  • TechZone360, September 2014

    TechZone 360 article about celebrity iCloud hackI have picked one of my favorites on the topic of the day since it encapsulates the thoughts of almost everyone who contacted me, along with a statement from Apple...From a security professional perspective, there was interestingly a consensus of opinion on this one. The quote that represents the consensus and also adds a bit of granularity to what happened was one I received from Philip Lieberman, President and CEO, Lieberman Software.
  • Dark Reading, September 2014

    Dark Reading article on celebrity iCloud hackPhil Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, says the attack came in two waves, starting with getting the email addresses of the celebrity targets. "The second part of the attack was understanding that the iCloud service had a flaw that allowed an unlimited number of bad password attempts without lockout or alerting," he says, so the attackers were able to ultimate brute-force the password.
  • International Business Times, August 2014

    International Business Times article on JPMorgan Chase hack"The ability to overcome the typical financial defence-in-depth strategy outlined by JP Morgan points to capabilities that go beyond criminal activity and are in the realm of nation state capabilities. JP Morgan and similar entities employ sufficient technology to protect themselves from criminals, but typically fail to invest enough in technology and process to shield themselves from nation state's ability to access their systems at will," Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software told IBTimes UK.
  • Computerworld, August 2014

    ComputerworldThings will probably have to get worse before it starts getting better, said Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, a security vendor. "It will take a Target type of episode where a healthcare provider and their C-suite face demise due to the damage they have caused to their entire population of patients to get some providers to wake up," and invest in real security, Lieberman said.
  • USA-Today, August 2014

    USA Today article about healthcare data breaches"Too few health care companies invest in computer security, said Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software in Los Angeles. He noted the FBI had warned health care companies in April that the sector's cybersecurity was lax. HIPAA does little to protect patients and offers companies little incentive to invest in computer security — and too many haven't done so, he said."
  • The Register, August 2014

    The Register article about SuperValu hack"This is another example of an incompetent retail CEO incapable of providing leadership and process to secure their organization. Just as the CEO must manage his staff and assets, the CEO is responsible for protecting the security of his network and his customers," said Philip Lieberman, president of security firm Lieberman Software.
  • USA Today, August 2014

    USA Today article about Russian credentials theftSecurity expert Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, thinks the theft may be more of a warning or a veiled threat from the Russians. "I think this is a political statement rather than a security threat," he said. "I think there is a message being sent and the message is: Watch out."
  • TechNewsWorld, August 2014

    TechNewsWorld article about hacking airplanesCompromising in-cabin entertainment and WiFi systems is "possible and probable," Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, told TechNewsWorld. "Passengers have been able to screw with other passengers on shared communication systems since the beginning."
  • Security Daily, August 2014

    Security Daily article on service account securityCommenting on these findings Lieberman said, “The organizations that choose not to update service and process account passwords because they are worried about causing outages, and believe the consequences of a cyber attack would be less severe than downtime, obviously do not understand how damaging a cyber attack can be and this points out a very worrying lack of awareness.
  • SC Magazine, July 2014

    SC Magazine article about service account managementPhilip Lieberman, CEO of privileged identity management firm Lieberman Software, told in a Friday interview that the “concept of persistent administrative access,” is one of the “biggest threats” to companies, particularly as they work to stave off cyber attacks. He added that privileged access, without proper management, was a crucial part of the advanced persistent threat (APT) attack methodology.
  • Law Technology News, July 2014

    Law Technology News about privilege managementKelley Drye uses the Enterprise Random Password Manager from Los Angeles-based Lieberman Software Corp. to fortify the firm’s Active Directory, Flournoy said. In addition, “hardening domain controllers is key,” she said.
  • Information Age, July 2014

    Information Age"IT security professionals are gambling with the security of their organisations by failing to update important service and process account passwords on a regular basis, with almost 15% admitting to either never updating passwords or only updating them annually, a new survey from Lieberman Software Corporation has revealed."
  • ZDNet, July 2014

    ZDNet artilce about password security"Indeed, Lieberman Software's recent 2014 Information Security Survey found that more than 13 percent of respondents could still access a previous employer's systems with their old credentials. The survey points out other discouraging indications of bad policy."
  • Business News Daily, July 2014

    Business News Daily on protecting privileged accessWhen designing security and access for contractors, use a privilege management system — also known as Privileged Identity Management (PIM) — to limit their access to only one machine at a time for administrator access.  PIM systems can also force employees and contractors to complete an automated approval process before gaining access to sensitive systems.
  • Security Daily, June 2014

    Security Daily article on advanced persistent threat defen“The key to privilege management is the ability to automatically discover and remediate security breaches before cyber attackers can exploit them,” Lieberman said.
  • SearchSecurity, June 2014

    Search Security video on privileged account management"There is an entirely different class of identity, known as the super user accounts," said Philip Lieberman, president and chief executive officer of Lieberman Software, in an interview with SearchSecurity at the 2014 RSA Conference. "These are also sometimes called root or administrator, but these are generic accounts. There are also cases where regular user accounts have taken on different attributes or additional power, and in fact have become pseudo super user accounts. [You] would have a user name, which might be associated with a service."
  • PC World, June 2014

    PC World article about CodeSpaces hack"Security incidents like the one involving Code Spaces are avoidable if companies take effective steps to apply strict automated controls to privileged access and to whitelist applications, said Calum MacLeod, vice president of EMEA at Lieberman Software."
  • Wall Street Journal, June 2014

    Wall Street Journal article on IT security researchMore than 13% of the IT security professionals asked by Lieberman Software Corp. said they are still able to access previous employers’ systems using their old credentials.
  • IT Manager Daily, June 2014

    IT Manager Daily about privilege management policyCompanies are also dropping the ball when it comes to keeping security fresh. According to Lieberman Software, nearly a quarter of respondents said they change their passwords less frequently than the recommended 90-day timeframe.
  • FierceCIO, June 2014

    FierceCIO article about insider threatsInsider threats remain one of the greatest concerns to IT security, but a new study finds that former IT security pros make up a significant risk to many organizations. A survey by Lieberman Software finds that 13 percent of IT security professionals say they can still access the systems of previous employers using their old credentials.
  • SecureIDNews, June 2014

    SecureIDNewsResults from Lieberman’s 2014 report suggest a general lack of password security and privileged access control.
  • InfoSecurity, May 2014

    Information Security article on privileged accessA fundamental lack of IT security awareness in enterprises, particularly in the arena of controlling privileged logins, is potentially paving the way for a further wave of data breaches.
  • SC Magazine, May 2014

    SC Magazine article about administrator access of former employees"Lieberman Software also found that nearly 20 percent either do not have, or don't know if their organizations have, a policy for cutting off access to employees and contractors when they leave the company."
  • TechZone 360, May 2014

    Tech Zone article about password security surveyTonight is the night that NBC will air an exclusive interview done in Moscow recently by anchor Brian Williams with NSA leaker Edward Snowden. The reason to mention this is that it provides interesting context for the new “Information Security Survey 2014” from identity management solutions provider Lieberman Software on the subject of the use/abuse of credentials.
  • We Live Security, May 2014

    We Live Security article on password securityPhilip Lieberman, CEO and President of Lieberman Software, said: “The results of this research shows that a fundamental lack of IT security awareness in enterprises, particularly in the arena of controlling privileged logins, is potentially paving the way for a further wave of data breaches.”
  • TweakTown, May 2014

    TweakTown article about password security"...nearly one in four security specialists admit that their companies don't update process passwords within 90 days, despite regulations recommending the practice, according to the Lieberman Software survey conducted during RSA Conference 2014."
  • Network World, May 2014

    Network World writes about privileged user management from Lieberman Software"New privileged user management (PUM) capabilities for cross-platform applications, a broad array of cloud provider portals, SaaS vendors and social media platforms."
  • ProSecurity Zone, May 2014

    ProSecurityZone"With ERPM’s new application launcher, users can access remote applications and web sites through a secure local server."
  • CRN UK, May 2014

    CRN article about Lieberman Software channel program."Duckles claimed that momentum is building behind the privileged identity market – which he estimated is currently worth $100m (£59m) to $200m – following large-scale breaches at retailers such as Target and Tesco. According to Kuppingercole, Lieberman is a "clear leader" in the market..."
  • SC Magazine UK, May 2014

    SC Magazine UK article on growing cyber security riskThis is no surprise, says Calum Macleod, VP of EMEA at Lieberman Software. “You have the minor regional stuff, such as Israel, Hezbollah, Hamas and the Syrian Electronic Army, using botnets, compromised websites, DDoS and whatever they can lay their hands on to get at each other. Throw in Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, Uroburos, Careto and the many other variants and revelations that the NSA was complicit in cyber espionage is not exactly a ground-breaking revelation.”
  • ProSecurityZone, April 2014

    ProSecurityZone"Lieberman Software has announced significant expansion into the European market. The company is recruiting new strategic partners in the EMEA region due to the increasing number of enterprises striving to close data security holes, meet regulatory compliance mandates and reduce cyber security risk through privileged identity management software."

  • MicroScope, April 2014

    Microscope artilce about Lieberman Software channel partner program"Identity management player Lieberman Software is planning to increase its activity across Europe building on its recent investment in regional offices in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. The security specialist not only set up regional offices but signed up distributors, including Exclusive Networks, to develop its channel network in the UK and is looking to use that footprint to widen its reach in Europe."
  • Baseline, April 2014

    Baseline article about cloud security survey"One-third of IT security professionals recently surveyed say their organization does not keep corporate data in the cloud because of fear of government snooping, according to a report from identity management vendor Lieberman Software. Instead, the study found that 80 percent of respondents prefer to store sensitive corporate data in their own networks."
  • The Guardian, April 2014

    Guardian article about Heartbleed"Network-connected devices often run a basic web server to let an administrator access online control panels," says Philip Lieberman, president of security firm Lieberman Software. "In many cases, these servers are secured using OpenSSL and their software will need updating.
  • MIT Technology Review, April 2014

    MIT Technology Review article on HeartbleedNetwork-connected devices often run a basic Web server to let an administrator access online control panels. In many cases, these servers are secured using OpenSSL and their software will need updating, says Philip Lieberman, president of security company Lieberman Software. However, this is unlikely to be a priority. “The manufacturers of these devices will not release patches for the vast majority of their devices, and consumers will patch an insignificant number of devices.”
  • Cyber Defense Magazine, April 2014

    Cyber Defense Magazine article on Lieberman Software"In our discussions, Lieberman Software's CEO discussed how Target's breach was also a common wake up call for many at the conference confirming that even at the largest companies in the world, the basics of simply having different random passwords on each device and server was not being done."
  • SC Magazine, March 2014

    SC Magazine article on cloud security surveyDelving into the report reveals that the presence of automated hacking tools means that even a small number of improperly secured resources are certain to give hackers free reign on the network – and access to customers' private data – within minutes of an incursion.

    Until now - privileged accounts and other file-based secrets have proven difficult to secure within large-scale, dynamic cloud service provider networks using human intervention and first-generation software tools.

  • Infosecurity, March 2014

    Info Security article on cloud security surveyA survey of almost 300 IT security professionals at RSA 2014 shows that trust in cloud security has increased slightly over the last 15 months – but not by very much. By February 2014 the number of professionals who prefer to keep sensitive corporate data within their own network had fallen from 86% (November 2012) to 80%.
  • CSO, February 2014

    CSO interview of Philip Lieberman"The perimeter is porous," said Lieberman. "It doesn’t mean we've lost the war. Those who are successful on the Internet, the only ones who will be successful, are those who have their eyes open and understand that whatever technology they have will have a limited lifetime of protection. The question is not whether they're going to get in but how far can they go".
  • Network World, February 2014

    Network World article on User Manager Pro Suite"Windows security management tool now supports Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2; modifies and reports on local users, groups, registries, shares and rights in the Windows infrastructure."
  • LA Times, February 2014

    LA Times article about NIST "The framework doesn't force companies that are naive about security, or just cheap about the necessary investments, to get smart and invest appropriately," said Phil Lieberman, chief executive of Lieberman Software in Los Angeles and a cybersecurity industry veteran. "Generally fines and other penalties are about the only thing that gets companies to fix their security."
  • MicroScope, February 2014

    MicroScope article about Lieberman Software and Exclusive Networks"...Exclusive Networks has also inducted US firm Lieberman Software into its CARM initiative, becoming the first European distribution partner for the identity management specialist."
  • E-Commerce Times, February 2014

    E-Commerce Times article about Careto malwareThe Mask "sounds and looks like a big project that required a lot of time, money and resources to accomplish," Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, told TechNewsWorld. "The operation of the command and control [servers] appears to be professional," Lieberman continued. "The project appears to be run like a business with funding, technology and proper operations."

  • Channel EMEA, February 2014

    Channel EMEA article on Lieberman Software partnership with Exclusive Networks"By adding Lieberman Software to its portfolio, Exclusive Networks will enable resellers to address enterprise security concerns around customers’ privileged accounts."
  • CloudPro, January 2014

    Cloud Pro article on security in the cloud"Calum McLeod, vice president of EMEA at Lieberman Software...points out that the legacy of outages and leakages, suffered by several banks over the past few years...does not add credence to the argument that cloud presents more risks."
  • USA Today, January 2014

    USA Today article on the Target data breach"In this guest essay, Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, outlines the potential ongoing collateral damage for Target – and its customers."
  • TechWeek Europe, January 2014

    TechWeek Europe interview of Calum MacLeod"Calum McLeod is EMEA vice president of security firm Lieberman Software, but he started in the days of mainframes. He may have set off with a holy ambition but was quickly seduced to piracy…"
  • San Jose Mercury News, January 2014

    San Jose Mercury NewsThat's largely because they refuse to spend what's needed to keep hackers at bay, said security expert Philip Lieberman of Lieberman Software. "They don't care," he said. "They've made a calculated decision that it's cheaper to take this hit than to implement the systems to fix it. I've had this conversation with CEOs of many large retailers."

  • TechZone 360, December 2013

    Tech Zone article about Lieberman Software in the cloud"At the recent CSA Congress 2013 in Orlando, we announced that our PIM solution known as Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) is now available on Windows Azure."
  • Virtualization Review, December 2013

    Virtualization Review article on ERPM - Azure integration"For large organizations, managing privileged accounts, such as root and administrator, has been a task so sensitive it could only be handled on-premises -- until now, says Lieberman Software. The security management company is making its Enterprise Random Password Manager privileged identity management tool available on the Windows Azure platform."
  • Dark Reading, December 2013

    Dark Reading"Lieberman Software Corporation announced that its privileged identity management (PIM) product, Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), is now available on Windows Azure, Microsoft's cloud hosting platform."
  • IDG Connect, December 2013

    IDG Connect“Huawei’s stake in India is a drop in the ocean compared to the rest of the money being invested in its technology industry,” says security expert Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software Corporation.
  • Network World, December 2013

    Network World on ERPM and Azure"Enterprise Random Password Manager is now available on Windows Azure. It can deploy in minutes in Windows Azure to automatically find, manage and secure privileged identities located in the cloud or on premises."
  • SearchCloudSecurity, December 2013

    Search Cloud Security article on managing privileged identitiesSpeaking Thursday at the 2013 Cloud Security Alliance Congress, Philip Lieberman, founder and president of Lieberman Software Inc., discussed the types of attacks on cloud computing his company has observed as a provider of cloud IT administration and privileged identity management tools.
  • CloudPro, December 2013

    Cloud Pro"Lieberman Software has made its privileged identity management (PIM) product, Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), available on Windows Azure."
  • Information Security Buzz, December 2013

    Information Security Buzz"What does 2014 bring for the security industry? Calum MacLeod, VP of EMEA at Lieberman Software Corporation  shares his opinions."
  • LA Times, December 2013

    LA Times article about cybersecurity"I think the legacy providers, the Symantecs and McAfees, are kind of seeing that a lot of this this is just not working against more sophisticated attacks," said Phil Lieberman, chief executive of Lieberman Software and a 30-year veteran of the industry. "So there's a new generation of companies being created to attack the problem."

  • DarkReading, November 2013

    Dark Reading"This innovative joint integration enables the Securonix Security Intelligence Platform to consume Lieberman Software's award-winning Enterprise Random Password Manager&trade (ERPM) Privileged Identity Management (PIM) events in real-time for automated detection of anomalous user or account behavior, as well as advanced privileged identity analytics."
  • Dark Reading, November 2013

    Dark Reading Article on Privileged Credentials Management"To combat an attacker's ability to use stolen credentials, companies need to model the behavior of every user -- especially those people, such as system administrators, with access to privileged accounts. Using that baseline, businesses can detect whether the use of a credential falls outside of what is typical or allowed by policy, says Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, a privileged-account management provider."
  • SearchSecurity, November 2013"Lieberman also works with a variety of configuration management tools such as Microsoft System Center, HP Operations Center and Arcsight."
  • CIO Insight, October 2013

    CIO Insight"As if the sheer number of malware samples roaming the world isn’t enough to keep CIOs up at night, a new study from software security firm Lieberman Software has revealed that increasingly sophisticated hackers, coupled with state-sponsored hacking, have thrust most organizations' ability to protect themselves into a state of near-impossibility."
  • eWeek, October 2013

    eweek report on state-sponsored hackers“What was also striking was that more than a third felt that their current IT infrastructure was insufficient in the face of a heavy-set attack, yet not all of the respondents were prepared to do something about it,” Lieberman Software president and CEO Philip Lieberman said in a statement. “I wonder if they feel that sitting tight and hoping for the best is efficient and sufficient protection.”
  • Epoch Times, October 2013

    Epoch Times article on state-sponsored hacks"Facing evolving state-sponsored attacks, nearly 58 percent of security professionals at the Black Hat USA 2013 hacker conference in Las Vegas believe the United States is losing the cyber battle. The opinion comes from close to 200 security professionals at Black Hat surveyed by Lieberman Software."
  • InfoSecurity, September 2013

    InfoSecurity article about state-sponsored cyber attacks"Overall, the survey turns up the fact that the threat of state-sponsored attacks and APTs is considered an extremely serious issue for IT security personnel. Most said that the probing of IT infrastructures in both corporate and government environments is likely occurring constantly, and attacks are being launched frequently."
  • The Street, September 2013

    The Street"To me, I see this as an example of another opportunity for them to take a technology from high-end applications and bring it to consumers," said Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, which develops security software for businesses and governments. "It's the first time I've ever seen this level of technology in a consumer product."
  • Network World, September 2013

    Network World report on Lieberman Software"Lieberman Software has the best features for local server password management, and the Lieberman tool was the only one in our tests that worked flawlessly."
  • Dark Reading, September 2013

    Dark Reading article about cyber warfareThe expansion of these activities is tricky, given the lack of precedent and clear public lines of responsibility for the execution of direct cyber-warfare, says Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. "Many existing branches of the military have undertaken an expansion of their missions into cyber-warfare, but details of actual operations are sparse," he adds.
  • USA Today, September 2013

    USA Today article about PRISM"The ability to decrypt this traffic is well known, however there is no capacity or legal authority to monitor everyone's traffic," says Phil Lieberman, president of security firm Lieberman Software. "Only legally authorized targets are intercepted."
  • Tech Zone 360, September 2013

    Tech Zone article about threat of state-sponsored attacksIt goes without saying that, given the beliefs of the respondents, Lieberman’s conclusion that “we ain’t seen nothing yet,” is something that not just government officials but C-levels need to take seriously. When your own IT department believes that you are likely to be attacked and are not really prepared to defend, one would hope you do not end up in the position of hearing, “I told you so!”
  • Computer Weekly, September 2013

    Computer Weekly story on state-sponsored cyber attacks"Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, said the threat of state-sponsored attacks is extremely serious for government and commercial entities, with the probing of IT infrastructures in both environments taking place continually and attacks being launched on a regular basis."
  • SC Magazine UK, August 2013

    SC Magazine article about protecting critical national infrastructurePhil Lieberman, CEO and founder of Lieberman Software, says the public and private collaboration on the protection of critical national infrastructure is a commendable development. “It is a genuine example of the Government taking proactive action to help its citizens and private organisations protect themselves via the shared information provided by both government and private enterprise,” he explains. “The reality of the situation is that everyone participating in these arrangements understands what is at stake and takes the laws surrounding security and privacy very seriously.”
  • TechNewsWorld, August 2013

    TechNewsWorld about PCI 3.0The new PCI standard won't be music to the ears for security hands who worship notion of the inviolate perimeter. "The new standard recognizes that perimeter breaches are a regular occurrence," said Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software. "The only real mitigation is to have persistent controls within the interior that are both human and technological."
  • Cloud Pro, August 2013

    Cloud Pro article on cloud forensics“Do your due diligence to understand what mechanisms the CSP has in place to provide details of who accessed your data and the underlying systems and infrastructure,” says Jess Richter, VP of Strategic Alliances at Lieberman Software.
  • Dark Reading, August 2013

    Dark Reading article on PCI 3.0"The existing point-in-time PCI standard is a sham that produces little real security. It was a boon to auditors and charlatans that provided PCI certifications for boatloads of money, yet delivered little to nothing of any real value to their clients," Lieberman says. "The PCI 3.0 replacement should produce real results and has been long overdue."
  • IT Jungle, August 2013

    it jungleOne security expert applauding the changes is Philip Lieberman, CEO of security software company Lieberman Software. "The new PCI 3.0 standard is long overdue," Lieberman said in a written statement. "For most merchants, the existing PCI standard is one-time pain per year where things are cleaned up, and the bad security practices return almost immediately after the auditor leaves."
  • Security Week, August 2013

    Security WeekAccording to Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, the new PCI 3.0 standard is long overdue. “The new PCI standard appropriately moves the focus away from compliance and puts the focus squarely where it should have been in the first place: focus on security and processes to achieve continuous compliance," Lieberman told Securityweek. "The new standard recognizes the perimeter breaches are a regular occurrence and outsiders regularly have access to credit card information. Given that the perimeter is no longer secure, the only real mitigation is to have persistent controls within the interior that are both human and technological to minimize losses."

  • Windows IT Pro, August 2013

    Windows IT ProPhilip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software, commented on today's events, saying: "Today, NSA confirmed what we have been saying for years: persistent and broad access to sensitive systems is inappropriate.  This also points out the other issue of privileged access, namely the problem of using contractors and controlling their access."
  • TechWeek Europe, August 2013

    TechWeek Europe“This is a perfect illustration of the ability of anyone with a connection to the Internet to use it for asymmetric warfare,” said Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software Corporation. “As a nation state, North Korea is projecting its power and influence in all ways available to it.  This is not dissimilar to all other countries with cyber-warfare capabilities worldwide.”

  • Engineering and Technology Magazine, July 2013

    E&T MagazineTwo years on, Lieberman's views are unchanged. He says that smartphones are more vulnerable to security threats. "Essentially the technology operates by proximity detection, namely that the card needs to be placed close to a reader and it will spit its guts out, so to speak, to anyone who interrogates the device."
  • SC Magazine UK, June 2013

    SC Magazine"Efficient identity management can help protect against advanced persistent threats (APTs). Speaking to SC Magazine, Lieberman Software CEO Phil Lieberman said that the challenge for administrators of millions of users is that there is little in the way of off the shelf software to manage thousands of users, and to do manual management is impossible."

  • Pro Security, June 2013

    Pro Security ZoneEnterprise Random Password Manager is now available as an open platform from Lieberman Software in a security as a service model.
  • Network World, June 2013

    Network World"ERPM is the first privileged identity management solution capable of enabling secure check-in/check-out of privileged credentials directly from the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator web-based interface, providing identity and configuration data enrichment for McAfee ePO."
  • Dark Reading, June 2013

    Dark ReadingIn its new evolution as a service platform, ERPM now provides full automation and programmatic orchestration of privileged credentials, certificates, pin codes, passcodes and other sensitive data generated on a massive scale by large multi-tenant organizations.
  • Pro Security Zone, June 2013

    ProSecurityZoneThe US Army has certified Enterprise Random Password Manager from Lieberman Software for use on its network for privileged identity management
  • Redmond Magazine, June 2013

    Redmond"Lieberman's new ERPM release has a programmatic interface designed to enable orchestration of privileged data and its usage."
  • IT World, June 2013

    IT WorldFinding the talent to build security systems isn't easy, he added, and his solution is what Lieberman feels led to the problem. "I'd say that the reality is that security takes a skill set that incorporates so many disciplines that it is challenging to find those that have the appropriate skills. This is what drives outsourcing," he said.
  • Vigilance, June 2013

    Vigilance Security"ERPM is the first PIM product capable of enabling secure check-in/check-out of privileged credentials directly from the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) web-based interface, providing identity and configuration data enrichment for McAfee ePO."
  • ARS Technica, June 2013

    Ars TechnicaOnce passwords get above 15 characters, they're very hard to crack even with brute force methods, Philip Lieberman, CEO of enterprise password management firm Lieberman Software, told me in a phone interview last year. "If you write a sentence composed of 30 to 40 letters which is easy to remember as a sentence, that's a really good password generally," Lieberman said.
  • CRN UK, May 2013

    CRN UK"Lieberman says reaping the benefits of cloud can mean compromising on privacy and security. Things can change in situ anyway – cloud providers may go out of business, change their rates, or hire criminals to manage the resources."

  • Redmond Magazine, May 2013

    redmond magazinePhil Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software Corp., doesn't believe so. "As with any type of addiction -- and this is to outdated security methods -- the first step is to acknowledge that you have a problem and want to address it," says Lieberman. "Many companies figure that they are immune or have nothing of value, so the threats to them are minimal or nonexistent -- [meaning], everything is nothing more than scare tactics of security vendors."
  • FierceCIO, April 2013

    FierceCIO"Sounds to me like a case of the preachers not practicing what they preach. If we could understand why IT security pros don't follow a simple best practice like changing default passwords on new systems, we could probably understand why end users ignore security rules too. Hmmm. I confess that I don't always change passwords as recommended because it always seems like I have something more pressing to do. And here I don't even work in IT."
  • Government Security News, April 2013

    Government Security News"IT departments that do not have a solution in place to automatically detect, flag and change default privileged passwords on newly deployed systems are neglecting a very common security hole," Lieberman said.
  • eWeek, April 2013

    eweek"The vast majority (81.4 percent) of IT security staff think that employees tend to ignore the rules that IT departments put in place, and more than half (52.2 percent) of the same respondents said they believe that employees would not listen more even if IT directives came from executive management, rather than IT, according to a survey by identity management and security management specialist Lieberman Software."
  • techday, April 2013

    techday“The reality is that 100% protection is nearly impossible to achieve, but there are still best practices for securing access to critical systems and data that many organisations tend to ignore.”
  • eSecurity Planet, April 2013

    eSecurity PlanetA Lieberman Software survey also found that one third of organizations don't have a policy requiring default passwords to be changed.
  • InfoSecurity, April 2013

    Info Security“This simply must be a standard practice in any size organization,” said Lieberman. “Default privileged passwords are, in the truest sense, open backdoors into systems that are deployed on production networks. Most default passwords are publicly known and easily found online, meaning that anyone with malicious intent can use these default credentials as a foothold to gain anonymous access to systems and applications throughout the network.”
  • DarkReading, April 2013

    Dark ReadingLieberman says he and Pingree have been going back and forth on these issues to the point where the two placed a $1 bet with one another at RSA about Facebook's long-term potential as an enterprise IAM play. For his part, Lieberman says Facebook simply can't handle the hierarchical, group-based nature of enterprise identity environments.
  • SC Magazine UK, April 2013

    SC Magazine“For example, this survey revealed the unfortunate fact that 32 per cent of IT groups are still not changing default passwords when deploying new systems. This simply must be a standard practice in any size organisation. Default privileged passwords are, in the truest sense, open backdoors into systems that are deployed on production networks."
  • IT Pro Portal, April 2013

    IT Pro PortalLieberman believes a lack of security consciousness among other US organisations will cost the country dearly. “The next major threat will come from a nation state taking aim at our critical national infrastructure and knocking out resources essential to life,” he said. “This will be an easy target since many of the utilities have little interest or appreciation for security. Their systems have been fully characterised by hostile powers external to the United States and will eventually be turned off and/or damaged when the time is right.”

  • Dark Reading, April 2013

    Dark Reading"AD can be used in so many ways. Microsoft is already using it for hundreds of millions of users as the basis for all of its cloud-based services, so scalability isn't an issue," Lieberman says. "It's just a place to store stuff about identities and information about what they can do. Out of the box it ties all of the Microsoft stuff together but there was never a restriction that said you couldn't use it for something else."
  • Channelnomics, March 2013

    Channelnomics"But what Lieberman Software hoped to demonstrate was that organizations, and subsequently the channel, will consistently require some kind of alternative solution that not only prevents users from circumventing security, but compels adherence. Lieberman pointed to its own flagship privileged identity management (PIM) solution as a viable answer."
  • TechZone 360, March 2013

    Tech Zone"As identity management company Lieberman Software found out with a survey of IT security professionals at RSA, the state of unauthorized privileged access and the likelihood of their own organizations withstanding data breaches have their hands full. In fact, as referenced below, even if the CEO mandates certain practices the pros think even the boss with have his/her wishes ignored."
  • Business News Daily, March 2013

    Business News Daily"These behaviors are continuing even after it has been proven that human error is the leading cause of data breaches," Lieberman said. "Organizations need to implement better cybersecurity training that properly instructs staff about the consequences of data breaches."
  • GRC Daily, March 2013

    GRC Daily"A recent survey from Lieberman Software Corporation reveals that more than 80% of IT security professionals believe that corporate employees deliberately ignore security rules issued by the IT department."
  • Dark, March 2013

    Dark ReadingAccording to Phil Lieberman of Lieberman Software, in spite of AD's supreme scalablity, the problems McKinnon identifies contributes to LDAP's lack of viability as an authentication method organizations can use in the cloud. "That's not necessarily what they might want to use and so this brings up the question of federation," says Lieberman, pointing to rumblings of using a mechanism like a Facebook log-in to tie together access to enterprise cloud resources.
  • Dark Reading, March 2013

    Dark ReadingThere are a LOT of "privileged identity management" solutions available on the market that can manage local admin accounts: Lieberman Software - Random Password Manager and Enterprise Random Password Manager.
  • Los Angeles Times, March 2013

    LA TimesLos Angeles cyber-security expert Philip Lieberman, who consults for some of the companies that took part in the meeting, said Obama was trying to persuade the CEOs to spend more on network security and to work more closely with the federal government against cyber threats.
  • SC Magazine UK, March 2013

    SC MagazinePhil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, said: “The reality of the situation is that the loss of the encrypted password file is probably a non-event since the ability to figure out the actual passwords is pretty much impractical. I believe that the company figured that the decision to ask users to change their passwords was in actuality a real abundance of caution and a potential protection against a lawsuit.”
  • IT Jungle, March 2013

    it jungle"Last week, security software vendor Lieberman Software launched a version of the two man rule to control the passwords for privileged user profiles."
  • San Jose Mercury News, March 2013

    San Jose Mercury NewsSome information placed in the cloud can get into the wrong hands because of equipment mishaps or employee foul-ups. There also are growing fears it could happen it as a result of lawsuits or government subpoenas. Of 100-plus IT professionals polled last year by security firm Lieberman Software, 48 percent said "the thought of government or legal action deters them from keeping data in the cloud."
  • London Loves Business, February 2013

    London Loves Business"A research into the opinions of IT specialists carried out by Lieberman Software in 2012 found that 67% of respondents thought that BYOD increased IT and security costs and 43% worried that BYOD could lead to a virus infecting the organisation."
  • GRC Daily, February 2013

    GRC DailyLieberman Software Corporation is extending double safekeeping to privileged identity management in the latest version of its Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) product.
  • Info Security Products Guide, February 2013

    InfoSecurity"The next major threat will come from a nation state taking aim at our critical national infrastructure and knocking out resources essential to life.  This will be an easy target since many of the utilities have little interest or appreciation for security.  Their systems have been fully characterized by hostile powers external to the United States and will eventually be turned off and/or damaged when the time is right."
  • ChannelBiz, February 2013

    ChannelBiz"Half of all IT professionals aren’t buying into cloud services – and government snoopers know exactly which half, because its their fault, says a report. Suspicions of omnipotent Big Brotherly monitoring of sensitive and private cloud data is killing interest in the cloud computing sector, according to Lieberman Software."
  • InfoSecurity Russia, January 2013

    InfoSecurity Russian"How to control privileged accounts." (Russian)

  • TechNewsWorld, January 2013

    TechNewsWorldYubico's hardware, which can be plugged into a card reader or USB port, has some consumer perks, according to Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. "They are the only solution that allows the consumer to program their own token, rather than depend on the vendor of the token itself."
  • Dark Reading, January 2013

    Dark Reading"Often orphan accounts are left enabled because of messy provisioning processes that leave permissions so tangled with key business processes it would be a nightmare to clean up. For example, Lieberman says he's seen environments where users in IT install line of business applications using their personal account as the service account, so that the application runs all users of that application under that user account. If the employee who installed the application leaves, and the HR or IT department shuts down their account, then the line of business application goes off-line."
  • CRN UK, January 2013

    CRN UKFresh from inking their first joint customer win, privileged identity management vendor Lieberman and VAR Accumuli Security have struck up a European partnership. The duo recently won a deal to implement Lieberman's Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) at an unnamed "large grocery retailer".

  • ProSecurityZone, January 2013

    ProSecurityZone“Provided the cloud service has underlying VPN encryption and other basic security facilities, then it can often make economic sense to invest in a privileged identity management platform – with all the extra security features this offers – than going down the value-added cloud services trail,” he said.
  • CRN, December 2012

    CRN"Lieberman Software has issued the results of a survey of IT professionals regarding their views of cloud services and security...While most were willing to give the cloud credit for cost and ease-of-use, concerns about security abound."
  • Accounting Technology, December 2012

    Accounting Technology"IT managers still have some mixed feelings about the cloud, according to a recent survey from Lieberman Software Corporation. 51 percent of respondents indicated they don’t trust the cloud for any of their personal data while 91 percent believe the move to cloud services has been more convenient for their organization’s in-house IT team."
  • Computer Weekly, December 2012

    Computer Weekly"Some 86% of those polled by Lieberman Software said they do not trust the cloud for their organisation’s more sensitive data, and 88% said that they believe that there is a chance that the data their organisation keeps in the cloud could be lost, corrupted or accessed by unauthorised individuals."
  • InfoSecurity, December 2012

    Info SecurityAt November’s 2012 Cloud Security Alliance Congress held at Orlando, Lieberman Software questioned attending IT professionals about their attitude toward and trust in the cloud – and got a conflicted response. Eighty-six percent of the survey respondents think that their organization's cloud deployment has been successful, and 56% think that their move to cloud services has saved their organization money.
  • Network Computing, December 2012

    Network Computing"Biometrics on mobile devices will be a non-starter due to the mismatch between the cost (and) capabilities of consumer-grade hardware for biometrics and the needs for security and reliability for enterprises," said Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software.
  • Pro Security Zone, December 2012

    ProSecurityZone“The problem is a lack of privileged identity management technology as well as lax and/or non-existent controls for access to sensitive information.  Additional technology such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and access control processes for approval workflows exist to minimize these losses, but unfortunately most companies implement the elements after the damage is done."
  • Los Angeles Times, November 2012

    LA Times"Any time you use a telephone or a computer, there is an electronic trail," said Philip Lieberman, founder and president of Lieberman Software, which specializes in computer security. Phone carriers and Internet providers monetize every digital communication and have a vested interest in tracking caller origination. "It is virtually impossible not to get caught unless they have a heavy level of sophistication."
  • Newsfactor, November 2012

    Newsfactor"Lieberman Software Corporation today announced that its Service Account Manager product was named a Silver medal winner for Best System Utility in the 2012 Editors' Best Awards by Penton Media's Windows IT Pro."
  • Network World, November 2012

    Network World"Meanwhile, in a survey by Lieberman Software, most respondents (67%) said BYOD would increase IT and security costs."
  • Finextra, October 2012

    Finextra"Lieberman Software has launched new functionality that allows ERPM to provide secure check-in/check-out of privileged credentials directly through the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) web-based interface, and provides identity and configuration data enrichment for ePO."
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal, October 2012

    Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal"As a result of the certified integration, ERPM is helping to better secure environments supporting SAP solutions by preventing the risky practice of shared administrative credentials. Rather than multiple IT administrators sharing the same privileged passwords anonymously, ERPM provides unique and complex passwords for each privileged account, and reports who had access to each privileged login, when, and for what purpose."
  • Network World, October 2012

    network worldIt's difficult for companies to protect themselves given the level of sophistication of many adversaries. "With the most sophisticated attacker at the threat controls, organizations won't stand a chance," said Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. "They would need to have NSA-like teams on staff -- or NSA-like partners -- if they are to prevent targeted attacks," Lieberman said.
  • FIerceCIO, September 2012

    FierceCIO"According to a recent survey of 250 IT professionals, conducted by security vendor Lieberman Software, two-thirds of respondents believe that BYOD increases costs, due to the added security risks and measures required to lessen those risks."
  • Computerworld-UK, September 2012

    Computerworld UK"With all the packaged solutions available today, there is no excuse not to act.   I was reminded of this by a recent announcement from Lieberman Software, which said that the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, one of the largest hospitals in northern Germany, has purchased Lieberman's Random Password Manager  (RPM) product and deployed it on more than 1,600 Active Directory managed systems."
  • CIO Insight, September 2012

    CIO Insight"...a recently announced survey from Lieberman Software, a company that delivers privileged identity management and security services to the enterprise, explains that the power IT has might not be as great as it seems. In fact, when left unfettered, the IT side can potentially have a bit too much access to the things that might matter most to the business side."
  • The Next Web, September 2012

    The Next Web"Lieberman says that the C-suite views the implementation of stringent methodology to combat potential hacking threats a lot like the way many regular people treat car insurance: why spend the money to adopt a comprehensive plan hinged upon a mere threat that isn’t guaranteed? From a cost-risk analysis perspective, a procedural defense against cyberthreats doesn’t seem worth it."
  • Computerworld UK, September 2012

    Computerworld UK"IT professionals are allowed to roam around corporate networks unchecked, according to a survey of more than 450 IT professionals by security software firm Lieberman Software."
  • Interactive Intelligence, August 2012

    Interactive Intelligence"Lieberman Software Corp. announced that Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) has been recognized as a finalist in the 2012 Golden Bridge Awards, made in the USA software category."
  • ChannelBiz, August 2012

    ChannelBiz"Lieberman Software Corporation is warning that the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has businesses worried that they will be opening themselves up to exposure from viruses and risk losing data."
  • SQL Server Pro, July 2012

    SQL Server Pro"Lieberman Software has announced that its privileged identity management solution, Enterprise Random Password Manager, now supports SQL Server 2012. The solution now automatically discovers SQL Server 2012 accounts in the database, and updates and propagates account credentials everywhere that they are used in the data center."
  • eWeek, July 2012

    eweek"According to an October 2011 survey of 300 IT pros by Lieberman Software, 51 percent of respondents had at least 10 passwords to remember for use in their work, and 42 percent said that in their organizations IT staffers are sharing passwords to access systems or applications."
  • Salt Lake Tribune, July 2012

    SLT"In an October 2011 survey by security firm Lieberman Software, 51 percent of IT professionals said they had 10 or more passwords to remember for work. Nearly half, or 42 percent, said their IT staffs were sharing passwords to systems or applications."
  • FierceCIO, July 2012

    FierceCIOCyber security expert Philip Lieberman, who is the CEO of identity management technology provider Lieberman Software, had some harsh words for Yahoo. "This is a gigantic warning to consumers about trusting their personal information to large companies that don't prioritize security and privacy as business goals of their company," says Lieberman. "The nature of this hack points to Yahoo taking the cheap way out for databases via mySQL and then not even bothering to encrypt or hash passwords."
  • Dark Reading, July 2012

    Dark ReadingAnd says Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, it is not something that can be contained by simple use of Active Directory. "Over the last few years, the slow and unstoppable adoption of Microsoft Active Directory as the core identity management systems has begun to erode as companies force the adoption of cloud-based resources and applications that don't have the ability [easily or otherwise] to integrate external and internal identity management resources," he says.
  • eSecurity Planet, June 2012

    eSecurity Planet"Changing passwords in many organizations causes outages," says Phil Lieberman, chief executive of security vendor Lieberman Software. "In these organizations, administrators don't know precisely what accounts exist and where they are. If you don't know what machines you have, you might miss some and cause a lockout when you carry out a password change as some machines will still try to use the old credentials. So changing passwords in these organizations is just not going to happen."
  • PC World, June 2012

    PCWorldPhilip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software, says the survey results illustrate that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the IT outsourcing fence. “The fact that trust in the quality of work is being eroded is a worrying trend but, for me, the thought that work is being manufactured to inflate fees is even more of a concern.”
  • UK Authority, June 2012

    UK Authority"The second piece of information is a survey of 250 IT professionals released today by security software specialist Lieberman Software, which reveals that IT outsourcing, instead of saving organisations money, can actually end up costing significantly more."
  • Computer Fraud and Security, June 2012

    "Security is a good thing and it’s available right now. We have the technology, but its use is subject to a number of tensions and conflicts that mean it isn’t exploited properly. Philip Lieberman, founder of Lieberman Software, which specialises in privileged identity management, believes that the problem isn’t technology – it’s us."
  • Digital ID News, June 2012

    Digital ID News"Lieberman Software has released additional support for its Enterprise Random Password Manager product that provides authenticated enterprise access for government and military settings. The product can now leverage major smart card and certificate formats."
  • Computerworld, June 2012

    Computerworld"I think this was a throw-away account, or at best, one run by a staffer," said Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, an identity and password management developer. "I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't have a number of accounts, but where he came from, the equity capital business, I'd be shocked if his confidential information wasn't done through a full email service, not a free consumer-grade account like this. With his experience in fiduciary and confidentiality responsibility, security has got to be baked into his DNA."
  • TechNewsWorld, June 2012

    TechNewsWorldIt is important to note that some of the people making claims the U.S. "lost control" and was "naive" have their own agendas, Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, told TechNewsWorld. Many of these claims are being made by standalone "security experts" with a stake in furthering their reputations rather than weighing the pros and cons of the strategy , he said.
  • Dark Reading, June 2012

    Dark ReadingAccording to Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, organizations usually have the choice between two types of compliance solution. "The first will not scale or work, but is provided by an appliance. The second that requires integration into line of business infrastructure to close the holes," Lieberman says. "When approached with the two, the first solution is chosen because [they believe] a failure of a solution is better than one that requires inter-department cooperation."
  • Los Angeles Times, June 2012

    LA Times"You're seeing an evolution of warfare that's really intriguing," said Phil Lieberman, a security consultant and chief executive of Lieberman Software in Los Angeles. "Warfare where no one is dying."
  • IT Analysis, May 2012

    IT Analysis"Commenting on reports that the hacker group UGNazi gained access to the billing database of WHMCS – a billing service company used by a number of firms – Lieberman Software says that privilege account management could have significantly reduced the risk that this type of incursion would occur."
  • Vigilance Security Magazine, May 2012

    Vigilance SecurityHaving listened to him speak, what we could glean from this crusader and evangelist was that Lieberman is to the IT world what St. Paul was to the gospel for he is out to bring order to the prevailing chaos within the global IT industry. “We follow industry’s best practice…what controls do you have in place?”
  • Network World, May 2012

    network world[Account Reset Console] permits delegated users to reset their own passwords and unlock their own accounts, helping organizations maintain high productivity levels while simultaneously strengthening security.

  • Enterprise Systems Journal, May 2012

    Enterprise Systems Journal"Lieberman Software Corporation has released Account Reset Console 6.0, the latest version of the company’s self-service password reset solution. The product permits delegated users to reset their own passwords and unlock their own accounts without involving IT staff, helping organizations maintain high productivity levels while simultaneously strengthening security."

  • Midsize Insider, April 2012

    Midsize Insider"That said, in an article on PCWorld from November 2011, Philip Lieberman, the founder and president of Lieberman Software, proposes that silent updates could actually be a risk for enterprises."
  • Vigilance, April 2012

    Vigilance Security"Without ERPM, these credentials typically remain unmanaged and can potentially lead to breaches of sensitive business data and violations of regulatory compliance requirements."
  • Network Products Guide, April 2012

    Network Products Guide"Philip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software, discusses 1:1 with Rake Narang, Editor-in-Chief of Network Products Guide, the high-level approach CIOs and CSOs should take when it comes to social networks and mobile devices."
  • SC Magazine, April 2012

    SC Magazine"I spoke to Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, who told me that every company his firm has engaged with has well-known accounts and passwords -- such as “guest” and “root” -- and these accounts and passwords are generally used each and every day without question."
  • Dark Reading, March 2012

    Dark Reading"Federation and SSO are designed to make the user's life easier, not improve or even maintain the security of their transactions. Logon convenience has its costs, and with free authentication services, you get what you pay for," says Phil Lieberman of Lieberman Software.
  • InfoTech Spotlight, March 2012

    InfoTechHere's where a recent product from Lieberman Software comes in, Enterprise Random Password Manager. According to company officials, it "scans the network, detecting and securing default and well-known privileged logins," the kind so treasured by hackers, disgruntled employees and malware.
  • Global Security Magazine, March 2012

    Global Security Magazine"Lieberman Software says that it took coding experts with the University of Michigan just a few hours to compromise the system’s security and ‘elect’ a cartoon character from ’Futurama’ to the Washington DC election board. Philip Lieberman, president and Chief Executive of the security software specialist, says that the multi-stage crack could almost certainly have been prevented had the developers of the electronic voting system built privileged identity management into the system."
  • eWeek, March 2012

    eweek"Administrators can use Enterprise Random Password Manager to identify known built-in administrator passwords and default configurations in the network."
  • SearchSecurity, March 2012

    SearchSecurity"Los Angeles-based Lieberman said that with ERPM, default and other easily cracked and widely known passwords are automatically secured, and IT-authorized administrators are given an authoritative audit trail of their access."
  • GovInfo Security, February 2012

    GovInfo Security"Lieberman Software Corporation announced that with its latest release, the company's flagship product Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) now offers a solution to identify known, built-in administrator passwords in the network, providing IT staff more knowledge and control to secure privileged accounts against unauthorized access."
  • Network World, February 2012

    network worldEnterprise Random Password Manager's new "known password discovery" feature scans your network, detecting and securing default and well-known privileged logins that make it easy for unauthorized individuals and malware to access private data.
  • IT Web, February 2012

    ITWeb"From Operation Aurora, the 2009 cyber attacks on Google and other large enterprises, to the recent breach of VeriSign, hackers have learnt to exploit a frightening and frequently ignored lapse in network security to gain control of victim networks. Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, explains what companies can do to mitigate the risks of falling prey to this trend."
  • Dark Reading, February 2012

    Dark Reading“The issue of not changing passwords on critical infrastructure is epidemic,” says Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software. “This is happening in most corporations all over the world.”
  • Info Security Products Guide, February 2012

    InfoSecurity"Among these bad behaviors is setting common Superuser and administrator accounts on multiple (or sometimes all) systems to the same never changing password.  This Common Credentials Dilemma means that if one machine becomes compromised and its internal password(s) discovered (look up Rainbow Table Attack on a search engine), any common account/passwords can be used to access other systems.  This is one of the ways that viruses such as Conficker spread."
  • PC Pro, February 2012

    PC Pro"The problem is that passwords are a vulnerable means of protecting anything. A recent survey into corporate password usage by Lieberman Software revealed that 51% of those questioned had ten or more passwords to remember, and 42% admitted to actively sharing passwords."
  • Virtual Strategy Magazine, January 2012

    1Virtual Strategy Magazine"Insider threats backed by malicious intent, and the risks associated with insider breaches will grow in 2012...In a recent survey from Lieberman Software, more than 48 percent of survey participants said they have worked at an organization whose systems got compromised by a hacker."
  • DarkReading, January 2012

    Dark Reading“Web applications use a stack of middleware that contains sensitive credentials as well as database credentials that are generally not proactively managed. This situation is a result of both a lack of resources and skill to manage the password change process,” says Lieberman, who explains his firm has been refining technology to automate credentials in middleware stacks for the better part of a decade.
  • Business News Daily, January 2012

    Business News DailyThere could be legal consequences as well, as Philip Lieberman, president of the Los Angeles security-solutions firm Lieberman Software, pointed out.  "Should an employee's device contain sensitive or proprietary information that is transferred to their new employer," Lieberman said, "the employee could be subject to serious legal consequences."
  • Computer Weekly, January 2012

    Computer Weekly"According to a survey carried out at InfoSecurity Europe 2011, in London, and the RSA Conference 2011, in San Francisco, IT services contracts were costing more than expected for 62% of businesses. The survey conducted by automation software supplier Lieberman Software found that out of the 500 IT professionals, who responded, a landslide 62% admitted to their outsourcing contracts costing them more than expected, despite turning to the option of outsourcing as a way to cut costs."
  • Dark Reading, January 2012

    Dark Reading“Passphrases are a much better solution to shared secrets compared to simple one-word passwords," says Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. “Making passphrases more secure than one-word passwords is simple mathematics. The ability to reverse a single-word password is simply a matter of the length of the password itself -- hash lookups."
  • FierceCIO, December 2011

    FierceCIO"Sharing information about data breaches with the government and fellow corporations is the right thing to do, isn't it? There's a difference of opinion on this one, and it is exemplified by the positions of Peter George, president and CEO of Fidelis Security Systems, and Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software."
  • MicroScope, December 2011

    Microscope"Philip Lieberman, President and CEO Lieberman Software, says that there is a perception gap between smart devices and smart security."

  • ComputerWeekly, December 2011

    Computer Weekly"At least one in four IT security staff use their privileged login rights to look at confidential information, a survey has revealed.More than a quarter of the 300 IT professionals polled in the latest annual password survey by identity management firm Lieberman Software said they could not resist peeking at redundancy lists, payroll information and other sensitive data including, for example,  Christmas bonus details."
  • Federal Computer Week, December 2011

    Federal Computer Week"Hackers often exploit vulnerabilities in these two areas to breach an organization’s systems and networks. But despite the dramatic spike in data breaches over the past year, senior management in many organizations fails to understand the basics of IT security, said Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, a security management company that conducted the survey."
  • Slashdot, December 2011

    Slashdot"IT security staff will be some of the most informed people at the office Christmas party this year. A full 26 per cent of them admit to using their privileged log in rights to look at confidential information they should not have had access to in the first place. It has proved just too tempting, and maybe just human nature, for them to rifle through redundancy lists, payroll information and other sensitive data including, for example, other people's Christmas bonus details."
  • Dark Reading, December 2011

    Dark ReadingBut Phil Lieberman of privileged identity management vendor Lieberman Software says there is a big Achilles heel in that method."So essentially you understand where to put the locks after you put the cameras up after they've broken in? The assumptions they're making are just wrong," he says. "In privileged identity, there are two classes of identity: There are those that are named and then those that are generic accounts."
  • SC Magazine UK, December 2011

    SC Magazine UK"It is not all office staff that cause an issue at this time of year though, as according to research by Lieberman Software, 26 per cent of IT security staff will use their privileged login rights to look at confidential information."
  • Channelnomics, December 2011

    Channelnomics"Lieberman Software recently surveyed more than 300 IT professionals and found a fundamental lack of IT security awareness in enterprises, particularly in the areas of password control and privileged logins — potentially paving the way for a wave of data breaches in 2012."
  • ARS Technica, November 2011

    Ars Technica"AT&T has absorbed its losses, refunding customers for the fraudulent charges. That's unusual in a PBX-hacking case, Lieberman Software CEO Phil Lieberman said in an interview with Ars Technica—usually the customers get stuck with the bill for their poor PBX security, and the telecommunications providers rarely warn them of strange billing patterns. (Lieberman Software provides security software to a number of companies in the telecommunications business.)"
  • Global Security, November 2011

    Global Security Magazine"BalaBit IT Security – Lieberman Software Partnership Controls and Records Access to Privileged Accounts"

  • Help Net Security, November 2011

    Help Net Security"Mozilla is planning to implement silent background updates in the upcoming version of Firefox 10, which could be very bad news on the security front, according to Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software."
  • CSO, November 2011

    CSO"Jamming a GPS signal at the source is next to impossible, says Phil Lieberman, founder of enterprise security vendor Lieberman Software. Blocking the radio signals that are broadcast from orbiting GPS satellites would require a massive countertransmission."
  • InfoTech, November 2011

    InfoTech"Officials with Lieberman Software said that by combining Lieberman’ privileged identity management solutions with Viewfinity’s advanced capabilities for privileged user management, they can eliminate a wide range of security threats related to unmanaged privileged access."
  • Global Security Magazine, November 2011

    Global Security Magazine"Lieberman Software Corporation announced a new partnership with Viewfinity, a provider of privileged management and application controls. The alliance integrates Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) with Viewfinity’s Privilege Management..."
  • TechNewsWorld, November 2011

    TechNewsWorld"This is a typical 'marketing versus reality' approach to get customers to sign up for the next version [of Windows]," Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, told TechNewsWorld.
  • Works Management, November 2011

    Works Management"Commenting on reports from Symantec that hackers targeted nearly 30 companies in the chemical industry this summer, with the intent of stealing sensitive IP, Lieberman Software says that this latest cyber crime wave cries out for privileged identity management technology."
  • Government Security News, November 2011

    GSN"Lieberman Software understands that flaws in most organization’s enterprise password management policies can lead to serious security breaches."
  • Network World, November 2011

    network world"It's time for the federal government to put shysters that attack breached companies out of business and allow corporations to do the right thing by disclosing breaches without punishment. Today, however, companies should not share breach information."
  • InformationWeek, October 2011

    InformationWeekOne in four IT professionals say they know of at least one IT co-worker at their business who's used privileged login credentials to inappropriately access sensitive information. Furthermore, 42% report that IT staff freely share passwords and access to multiple business systems and applications.
  • IT Business Edge, October 2011

    IT Business Edge"In 2011, Lieberman Software surveyed more than 300 IT professionals for their insights into password practices and security outcomes. Portions of the survey focused on the numbers of passwords in use, sharing of privileged passwords, organizational security and other areas."
  • Digital ID News, October 2011

    Digital ID News"Lieberman Software has developed functionality for its Enterprise Random Password Manager product to automatically discover and update credentials used by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software."
  • InfoTech, October 2011

    InfoTech"Revealing that 48 percent of IT security professionals surveyed have worked for organizations whose network has been breached by a hacker, identity management provider Lieberman Software Corporation has announced the results of its Password 2011 survey."
  • ComputerWeekly, October 2011

    Computer Weekly"The survey paints a vivid picture of password chaos among IT staff and apathy about password security amongst senior management, said Lieberman Software, which conducted the survey."
  • Dark Reading, October 2011

    Dark Reading"In general, I think that this points at the very interesting area of data correlation, specifically in the work done through security information and event management and behavioral analysis systems," says Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. "It is a second-order goal. The first order is detecting the fraud, the second order is tying together who all the players are."
  • MarketWatch, October 2011

    Marketwatch“Government needs to provide clear federal safe-harbor rules that allow companies to report intrusions without draconian legal or fine consequences as long as the company immediately reports intrusions and cooperates with law enforcement,” said Phil Lieberman of Los Angeles-based Lieberman Software.
  •, October 2011

    Info Security"Reports that air traffic control data has been found on network kits sold on eBay comes as no surprise, says Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software."
  • Vigilance Security Magazine, October 2011

    Vigilance Security"The solution, says the Lieberman Software president, is to use privileged identity management (PIM) software. PIM solutions such as Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) can eliminate this risk regardless of whether your equipment is ever recycled or sold."
  • BBC News, October 2011

    BBC"Phil Lieberman believes NFC chips are at risk from hackers."
  • Infosecurity, October 2011

    Info Security"Lieberman went on to say that, while it remains to be seen whether this payment card data was encrypted, the firm is still in clear breach of the PCI DSS rules and may well have been in breach of the Data Protection Act as some customer data was allegedly stolen by cybercriminals in Cambodia."
  • eSecurityPlanet, September 2011

    eSecurity PlanetIn answering the question directly on whether SMS-based authentication is superior to security tokens, Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software and chief blogger at IdentityWeek, said, “It’s really a toss-up with no right answer. SMS-based authentication is technically inferior to hard tokens in that the transmission could theoretically be intercepted and used by an intruder.
  • Bobsguide, September 2011

    Bobsguide"The German IT security watchdog has issued a warning about a large number of e-commerce Web sites that are infected with malware and, says Lieberman Software, the reason for the infections is simple: the Web site operators have failed to keep their software up to date."
  • ITPnet, September 2011

    ITPnet"Lieberman Software Corporation has appointed Nanjgel Solutions as its value added distributor for the Middle East."
  • Global Security Magazine, September 2011

    Global Security Magazine"Reports that a trader with UBS has been arrested in connection with a potential two billion dollar `rogue trader’ fraud suggest that the banker has been controlling trading accounts to which he should not have had access, says Lieberman Software."
  • Works Management, September 2011

    1Works Management"And given that 42% of IT staff can gain unauthorised access to their organisations' most sensitive information, according to a survey by security management firm Lieberman Software, the importance of this kind of protection cannot be overstated."
  • M2M, August 2011

    M2M"According to Philip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software, the privileged identity management and security management specialist, the case is an interesting one as it appears to involve the hacking of the affected financial institution's computer system that controlled the bank's pre-paid debit card security parameters."
  • SC Magazine UK, August 2011

    SC Magazine"EdgeSeven will provide Lieberman Software's PIM and security management products to its customers throughout the United Kingdom."
  • Phones Review, August 2011

    Phones Review"Lieberman Software is calling out to all companies to go wired-only, the reason they are saying this is all down to a new Android Trojan Attack app that appears to be surfacing."
  • Channel Insider, August 2011

    Channel Insider"Is data less secure during an economic downturn? If your firm is laying off workers, the answer is yes. IT workers are able to access a range of sensitive information, including the CEO's private documents, and some would do whatever it took to benefit from that access if they were to be laid off. That’s according to a new survey by password management firm Lieberman Software..."
  • CIO Insight, August 2011

    CIO Insight"A survey conducted by Lieberman Software...reveals that, for the most part, senior business executives don’t fully understand the true nature of IT’s role in the workplace. They also appear to have no clue about how much power IT professionals have when it comes to data access."
  • SC Magazine, July 2011

    SC Magazine"According to a survey of 500 IT professionals by Lieberman Software, 42 percent are able to access a company's most sensitive information, including the CEO's private documents."
  • Digital ID News, July 2011

    Digital ID News"In response to customer demand for an alternative to authentication product, Lieberman Software Corporation has teamed with Yubico to offer an enhanced multi-factor authentication token."
  • Bobsguide, July 2011

    BobsguideLieberman Software has integrated support for HP iLO devices in its privileged identity management (PIM) solutions Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM)...
  • eSecurity Planet, July 2011

    eSecurity PlanetDelete VMs when you listen to them, and don't leave sensitive info in VM. "Don't use VM to file key info," said Lieberman. "There is no way to find out it's been accessed." He also advises making it a practice to retrieve VMs frequently and often. The longer they sit on the server, the more likely they will be hacked.

  • Redmond Channel Partner, June 2011

    Redmond Channel Partner"Phil Lieberman of Lieberman Software said that while MSPs have experienced a very interesting evolution and could therefore potentially provide much better security and oversight for their MSP offerings compared to what is offered by the large providers, it's unclear whether the seemingly symbiotic relationship could spark antagonism. This is especially true, contends Lieberman with the advent of the cloud and, by extension, the need for cloud security."
  • InfoTech, June 2011

    InfoTech"Under the terms of the partnership, Value Team will resell  the entire Lieberman Software product line throughout Italy and southern Europe."
  • Kuppinger Cole, June 2011

    kuppinger"These are only a few of those companies I have seen, and of course there are more, that do a great Job such as Lieberman Software, Imperva of M86Security. Overall, one might identify a trend: more and more vendors respond to the demand of end-users that preventive controls are nice and if doable and affordable they are the best one can do..."
  • Computer Business Review, June 2011

    Computer Business ReviewPhilip Lieberman, CEO and president of Lieberman Software, has put the boot into RSA over what he calls lack of investment in its R&D that could have prevented the breach of its defences in March this year. Since then RSA, the security division of EMC, has acknowledged that information stolen from its network was used to carry out a cyber attack against Lockheed Martin, which means it needs to replace all of the 40 million SecurID hardware tokens in existence.
  • SC Magazine, June 2011

    SC MagazinePhilip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, said that the cost is not just bad news for RSA, but it paints the rest of the IT security industry in a bad light. He said: “I put the fault squarely on the senior management of EMC for treating the SecurID division as a cash cow that received little to no investment after RSA was acquired by EMC."
  • Phones Review, June 2011

    Phones Review"The flurry of news surrounding mobile wallets and how NFC (near field communications) will soon allow us all to ditch our credit and debit cards in favour of a payment-enabled mobile phone ignores the security issue that is staring us in the face, says Phil Lieberman, the CEO of Lieberman Software."
  • Network World, May 2011

    network world"Lieberman went on to say that lessons need to be learned from smartphone Web browsers such as Safari on the Apple iPhone and iPad, which displays the URL details and search engine element at the top of the user’s screens at all times."
  • MCP Magazine, May 2011

    MCP Magazine"One of the attendees and exhibitors at the confab, Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, has some strong feelings about cloud security -- more aptly, the lack thereof."
  • Computerworld, May 2011

    ComputerworldA new survey reveals that clients are not happy with their IT outsourcing deals, with some respondents saying their contracts have become more expensive than originally planned. A press statement by Lieberman Software expressed "shock", and surprising and "astonishing" revelations, including a possible "breaking point" between outsourcing companies and their clients.
  • PC World, May 2011

    PC World"Jamming a GPS signal at the source is next to impossible, says Phil Lieberman, founder of enterprise security vendor Lieberman Software. Blocking the radio signals broadcast from orbiting GPS satellites would require a massive counter-transmission. And because the satellites are operated by the U.S. military, jamming them would be considered an act of war and a federal crime, says Lieberman."
  • Channel Insider, May 2011

    ChannelInsiderAccording to a survey conducted by Lieberman Software among 500 IT professionals, more than three-quarters of IT professionals who work in organizations that use outsourcing say their providers have "made up" work in order to rake in extra cash.
  • Redmond Magazine, May 2011

    redmond"Phil is a true software character. The president of Lieberman Software, Phil is known for working directly with his customers, at all hours of the day and night, to solve their problems. Based in Hollywood, Lieberman doesn't just lead his eponymously named privilege management and security concern, but is an outspoken advocate for more secure software and hardware."
  • Tech Zone, May 2011

    Tech Zone"IT departments that outsource often end up paying much more than initially anticipated, according to the results of a new survey from security and identity management provider Lieberman Software."
  • Computer Weekly, May 2011

    Computer Weekly"Outsourcing contracts cost businesses more than expected, finds Lieberman survey."
  • Computing, May 2011

    ComputingAn overwhelming majority (77 per cent) of IT professionals who work in organisations that use outsourcing believe that their outsourcers have "made up" work in order to earn extra money.New research from Lieberman Software also shows that 62 per cent of respondents said that, compared with their original plans, their outsourcing agreements had cost them more than anticipated.
  • Cloud Pro, May 2011

    Cloud Pro"The SAS70 auditing standard for third-party providers is a massive fraud, says Phil Lieberman of the eponymous Lieberman Software. SAS 70 is widely used in the US as an indicator of the reliability of service providers..."
  • eWeek, May 2011

    eweekThere are “no consequences” for companies that “under-invest” in security, Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, told eWEEK. As such, users should “always assume” that companies asking for personal information are “totally incompetent at securing the data,” Lieberman said.
  • InformationWeek, April 2011

    InformationWeekSecurity experts believe that the lack of details around this announcement shows that consumers may still be at risk of this data being used by whoever hacked Sony. Word of the hack came earlier this week. "They're not certain credit card data wasn't lost," says Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software. "The only statement they made was that credit card data was encrypted, which is a requirement of PCI."
  • Wall Street Journal, April 2011

    WSJPhil Lieberman, CEO andfounder of Lieberman Software contacted us with some useful tips tocounter identity fraud, a couple of which are worth thinking about.

    • Don’t provide your correct date of birth or other personalinformation to this type of vendor (i.e. playing games on-line)
    • Use a throw away email account
  • Cloud Strategy Magazine, April 2011

    Cloud Strategy"When it comes to cloud computing, the security and compliance landscape is riddled with pitfalls and continues to shift. My opinion is that cloud security, particularly public cloud security, is wholly inadequate."
  • IT Pro Portal, April 2011

    IT Pro Portal"Phil Lieberman was concerned about issues of identity management where should a user take advantage of an application from one cloud provider and need to link this into an application from a second cloud provider, how would their identity be properly passed on and perhaps even to a third and fourth cloud. This had two issues – the first in preventing identity theft and the second in the cloud vendors knowing that the user was authorised to use their applications."
  • IT Pro, April 2011

    ITPro“Although the hackers would have been able to download much of the source code on the servers, possibly including custom-developed code of premium clients of the company, WordPress appears to have followed best practice and encrypted the password files, as well as private information such as credit card details," said Phil Lieberman, president of identity management specialist Lieberman Software.
  • Microscope, April 2011

    Microscope"Lieberman Software products deploy quickly," he says. "Without the need for custom scripting and endless service engagements. We're proud to have the smallest service revenue of any vendor in our market - by design - because our software works as advertised."
  • InfoSecurity, April 2011

    Info Security"Commenting on the breach, Phil Lieberman, managing director of Lieberman Software, said that the incident demonstrates the dangers of failing to use high-level information security and audit controls for sensitive data."
  • Online Casinos, April 2011

    Online Casinos"Philip Lieberman, founder and president of Lieberman Software, explains how threats from within a casino structure can be just as dangerous as those from outside."
  • Smart Business, April 2011

    Smart Business“If you don’t have the money to invest in IT, in hardware, in software, in upgrades or you don’t have the expertise, then the cloud offerings are compelling,” says Philip Lieberman, founder, president and CEO of Lieberman Software Corp., which provides solutions used by large national defense and large corporations.
  • Global Security Magazine, March 2011

    Global Security Magazine"Recent Microsoft research shows that almost two-fifths of companies will start paying for cloud services within three years. Lieberman Software today warns that cloud-using firms also need to revisit their encryption needs as result."
  • FierceCIO, March 2011

    FierceCIO"Lieberman Software has been working with ISPs and cloud vendors for more than 17 years, and continues to lead the industry by providing highly scalable solutions that address critical issues of multi-tenancy within cloud infrastructures..."

  • Windows IT Pro, March 2011

    winitproWhile some progress has been made towards improving cloud security, many security obstacles remain. Lieberman Software President and CEO Philip Lieberman echoed that sentiment, saying that "Customers have a real reason to be concerned. There's a lack of transparency and consistency when it comes to logs and auditing, to reveal what is truly happening in a cloud environment," Lieberman said.
  • Phones Review, February 2011

    Phones ReviewLieberman Software specializes in security solutions and privileged identity management, and Phil further states…“This is the biggest issue with open source software. Whilst the economic imperative to go open source is clearly very strong, companies that use open source, such as Android, which is based on Linux code, also need to ensure their software is robust on the security front, and this process costs money.”
  • CRN, February 2011

    CRN"At RSA Conference 2011, Lieberman Software showcased its Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), which is now integrated with SIEM applications from ArcSight, RSA and Q1 Labs."
  • HelpNet, February 2011

    helpnet"The integrations between ERPM and SIEM technology close this visibility gap by showing IT staff not only when and where critical events occurred, but also precisely who was responsible for any action that required the use of highly “super user” accounts."
  • IT Jungle, February 2011

    it jungle"Organizations can feel a little more secure that their IT workers aren't abusing powerful user profiles as a result of integration work done by Lieberman Software and Q1 Labs."
  • HelpNet Security, February 2011

    helpnet"Reports that a Russian hacker has pleaded guilty of ripping off WorldPay, the online transaction processor, to the tune of $10 million, have met with a grim smile by Lieberman Software."
  • Dark Reading, January 2011

    Dark Reading"Phil Lieberman, an identity management expert and CEO of Lieberman Software, agrees that password-sharing is a rampant problem, and can be particularly troublesome within databases accessed by Web applications such as the one that powers Internet access to Vodafone's customer database."
  • Computing, January 2011

    ComputingPhil Lieberman, president of privileged identity management software specialists Lieberman Software, said: "This looks like a prime example of how not to handle a serious data security incident. Not only has the retailer alienated large numbers of customers, but it could also pay big penalties on several fronts," he said.

  • PC World, January 2011

    PC WorldLeading up to the actual decision by the FCC to implement an official net neutrality framework, this comment from Philip Lieberman, President of Lieberman Software, summed up the situation nicely. "Everyone who owns the pipes wants more money, and everyone who uses them wants to pay less. Some who use the pipes and make money don't want to pay anything at all. It is very much like the highway system where the government has to get involved to promote commerce and take control over the impulses of greed and unrestrained capitalism."

  • InfoSecurity, January 2011

    Info Security"As valued members of your organization, IT administrators work every day to keep your infrastructure up and available. But in today’s rush to contain operational costs, your IT administrators could be taking more shortcuts than you’d expect. And perhaps no aspect of IT suffers more from cutting corners than security. Here are five facts about IT security that your administrators probably don't want executives and employees to know."

  • Windows IT Pro, January 2011

    winitpro"While the security software market tends to be dominated by industry heavyweights like Symantec, Microsoft, McAfee, Webroot, Trend Micro, and Sophos, Lieberman Software has managed to carve out a profitable niche for its own security products."

  •, December 2010"Lieberman Software Corp...announced integrations between its privileged identity management (PIM) solutions and BMC Remedy to record privileged account usage as part of the trouble ticket lifecycle."

  • Business Computing World, December 2010

    BCW"In-house and internal threats will be a big element of 2011 as organisations begin to understand that anti-virus, malware, and phishing software is no longer effective."

  • Help Net Security, December 2010

    helpnet"There are those who argue that the age of cloud computing is merely in the minds of the more far-sighted IT visionaries. I have even met those whose businesses are indifferent to the cloud. This indifference may cost them dearly – and soon."

  • Virtual Strategy Magazine, November 2010

    Virtual Strategy Magazine"The word “trust” appears in the tagline for a great many security products and services. But in the business world what we often tout as trust simply boils down to an acceptance of risk and the expectation that we can transfer liability to other parties should that trust be broken."

  • eWeek Europe, November 2010

    eWeek Europe"According to many security experts, the most prevalent IT security threat arises from negligent insiders. Malicious hackers prey upon enterprise users..."

  • CSO Magazine, November 2010

    CSO"Compliance is the big issue for us," says an information security analyst for a large federal credit union that uses Lieberman Software. "We had open audit issues associated with service accounts, passwords that hadn't been changed since dirt was clean."

  • HelpNet Security, November 2010

    helpnetReports that a rogue e-mail generated by a Swiss bank employee has cost the organization around £6.2 million in lost business highlights the problem of data leakages caused by email errors, says Lieberman Software.

  • Pro Security Zone, November 2010

    ProSecurityZonePhil Lieberman of Lieberman Software comments on Microsoft’s move to make security essentials free to its partners and how this can benefit the company.


  • Enterprise Systems Journal, November 2010

    enterprise systemsLieberman Software Corporation has released a solution with out-of-the-box integration between the company's privileged identity management (PIM) solutions and Microsoft System Center Service Manager (SCSM).

  • Dark Reading, November 2010

    Dark Reading

    "Lieberman Identity Management For Dell Servers: Solution Builds Upon the Existing Security of DRAC Products."

  •, October 2010

    SearchITChannel"Working closely with a vendor on a business plan is a new experience for some resellers. NetBR, a solution provider based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, last year became an authorized reseller of Lieberman Software's privileged identity management products. Andre Facciolli, chief technology officer at NetBR, said Lieberman is the first technology vendor he's worked with on a go-to-market plan."

  • TechNet Magazine, October 2010

    TechNet"How do you ensure that two processes that require the same resources aren’t running at the same time? How can you make sure that you don’t overload a system by running too many concurrent tasks against service applications during the wee hours of the morning? One tool out there that helps you centralize your scheduled task management is Task Scheduler Pro from Lieberman Software."

  • Global Security Magazine, October 2010

    Global Security Magazine"[Lieberman Software] attributes the growth to its budding channel partner program and increasing awareness among IT executives of the security risks of unmanaged privileged identities."

  • Network World, September 2010

    network world"The Lieberman password-manager software is sometimes referred to as a type of "firecall" tool that gives top IT managers a way to approve accounts for elevated rights of domain temporarily. It requires multiple individuals with manager status to approve any elevation of account."

  • SC Magazine, September 2010

    SC Magazine"I've long been an advocate of establishing cybersecurity laws that have teeth and authority to prevent and deter attacks to our infrastructure. I believe that the drafts that we're seeing of Sen. Joe Lieberman's Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010 are a good first effort from legislators in order to do that."

  • Dark Reading, September 2010

    Dark Reading"How many people are going to want to take an SMS message every time they want to log into their e-mail?" says Phil Lieberman, founder of Lieberman Software. "It's impractical for e-mail, which is something you're accessing all day long. And any security that is inconvenient will generally not be used and discarded."
  • Database Trends and Applications, September 2010

    Database Trends"Going into 2010, we're repeatedly witnessing pervasive bad behaviors with respect to database security," says Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, a provider of enterprise security and privileged identity management solutions and long-time Oracle partner. Examples include "Common and unchanged DBA accounts being used by multiple administrators, with no ability to audit the actions performed by the database administrators, and unchanged application to database account credentials."

  • Enterprise Systems Journal, September 2010

    enterprise systems"Having worked with many organizations over the years, I've realized that shared passwords, seldom changed privileged credentials, and employees with too much access and too little accountability are the rule rather than the exception. The outcome is never good: embarrassing security breaches and costly IT audit failures."

  • Virtual Strategy Magazine, August 2010

    Virtual Strategy Magazine"...many organizations seem to grasp too late that implementing a privileged identity management solution is too important a process to delegate to a rubber-stamp RFP or a battle of vendor check boxes.  If handled correctly your implementation can enable you to close critical security loopholes; help make staff members accountable for actions that impact IT service and data security; and lower the cost of regulatory compliance. "

  • ARN, August 2010

    ARN"With a focus on governance, risk and compliance products, Aquion was looking for a password management offering for the enterprise market. This led to the company approaching Lieberman [Software], which provides identity management software."

  • Hospitality Technology, August 2010

    Hospitality Technology"Lieberman Software's Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) is a privileged identity management solution that automatically discovers, strengthens, monitors and allows secure recovery of local, domain and process account passwords in the enterprise."

  • Redmond Magazine, July 2010

    redmond"The growth will be explosive due to the pent up demand from Windows XP users that have been excluded from the improvements in hardware and software technologies due to the XP operating system's inabilities," said Phil Lieberman president and CEO of Lieberman Software. "We will also be seeing ISVs exploiting more of the advanced user interface features of Windows 7 and Server 2008 as they become the de facto standard for desktops and servers."

  • Redmond Channel Partner, July 2010

    Redmond Channel"This is good news for consumers; bad news for McAfee and Symantec," said Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. "Since most consumers do not buy antivirus and antimalware software, this is a great example of Microsoft stepping up as a responsible corporate citizen by providing some basic free protection for those consumers that simply can't or won't buy protection."

  •, July 2010

    ITP"IT reseller Nanjgel Solutions has been appointed as an authorised reseller for the Gulf by Lieberman Software."

  • ProSecurity Zone, July 2010

    ProSecurityZone"Phil Lieberman comments on the breach suffered by iTunes users where download lead to loss of iTunes account information, proving that Apple based systems also need protection from malware."

  • InformationWeek, June 2010

    InformationWeekAllowing unfettered, enterprise-wide access to cloud resources poses significant business risks, observes Philip Lieberman, founder and CEO of privileged identity management provider Lieberman Software. "Business users see the cloud as a way of saving money without understanding the security, audit, or regulatory implications," he says. "Cloud is being brought in through the back door, and when auditors discover what's been done, they need to make a judgment as to what the exposure is"

  • Dark Reading, June 2010

    Dark Reading"In the recent case of AT&T and Apple, their incompetence at building scalable and secure infrastructures -- or the incompetence of the vendors who built their systems -- is on display for the whole world to see," said Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software.

  • Redmond Magazine, June 2010

    redmondSecurity is the number one inhibitor to cloud adoption and Microsoft has addressed many key issues, according to experts. "By Microsoft providing extensive training and guidance on how to properly and securely use its cloud platform, it can overcome customer resistance at all levels and achieve revenue growth as well as dominance in this new area.," said Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software Corp., a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner that specializes in enterprise security.

  • CIO Today, June 2010

    CIO Today"ERPM improves security and regulatory compliance for organizations whose ASP.NET credentials control access to corporate databases and back-end applications tiers."

  • News Factor, June 2010

    "Lieberman Software Delivers ASP.NET Credentials Management -- Enterprise Random Password Manager Prevents Unrestricted Access into Corporate Databases"

  • Redmond Channel Partner, June 2010

    Redmond Channel"Phil Lieberman of Lieberman Software believes that the recent turnover of the SmartPhone management team at Microsoft was well overdue. 'Everyone in Microsoft management needs to ask the question: ‘what about Windows Mobile 7 is going to wow me, make this a different platform and a must buy for everyone?' The world does not need another unreliable phone that runs like a Zune and can kind of play some XBox games.'"

  • CFO Zone, June 2010

    CFO Zone"The rough economy is also posing a greater internal threat to companies' information systems, says Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software. High turnover naturally increases the risk that employees on their way out the door will download sensitive information with the intention of offering it to a new employer, Lieberman warns."

  • Pro Security, May 2010

    ProSecurityZone"The combination of Raytheon SureView and Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) offers unparalleled protection against insider threats, providing control over administrative access to sensitive data throughout corporate and government networks."

  • Digital ID News, May 2010

    "A partnership between Lieberman Software Corp. and Raytheon Company is underway to provide a comprehensive solution to internal security threats against corporate and government networks."

  • IT Business Edge, May 2010

    "Five Key Questions When Considering Working with a Cloud Service Provider"

  • Virtual Strategy Magazine, May 2010

    Virtual Strategy Magazine"One of the largest challenges for consumers of cloud services is attaining transparency into how a public cloud provider is securing its infrastructure. For example, how are identities being managed and secured?"

  • Network World, May 2010

    network worldPhil Lieberman, of Lieberman Software (who was also with me in Munich), says that organizations: "have to ask themselves the question, 'Where do we have accounts? Tell me all of the places where we have accounts, and tell me all the things they use these accounts for.'"

  • ZDNet, May 2010

    ZDNet"Cloud computing has the potential to transform business technology, but it brings security issues that IT organizations should consider before trusting their sensitive data to the cloud."

  • American Business Awards, May 2010

    ABAPhilip Lieberman has been named an Executive of the Year Finalist in the 2010 American Business Awards.

  • Dark Reading, May 2010

    Dark Reading"As Lieberman puts it, shared accounts are a sad fact of life when IT manages its own systems. Things become a lot trickier, though, when that account-sharing involves third-party services."

  • Help Net Security, May 2010

    helpnet"Organizations that deploy Task Scheduler Pro can benefit from increased security through patch reporting, patch deployment, and general program deployment."

  • ebizQ, May 2010

    ebizq"Task Scheduler Pro now supports all major platforms in the Windows enterprise including Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista."

  • ITWeb, May 2010

    ITWeb"On show will be Lieberman Software's Enterprise Random Password Manager, which provides privileged password security."

  • Pro Security Zone, May 2010

    ProSecurityZone"Lieberman is running a set of 30 minute seminars for security professionals on privileged identity management until the end of July."


  • SC Magazine, April 2010

    SC Magazine"...when it comes to mitigating the risks of negligent insiders, organizations need to move beyond basic training and look for ways to limit the damage. Your first step is to ensure that administrative passwords are regularly changed; that multiple computers, network appliances, or applications don't share identical credentials; and that no passwords are stored on spreadsheets that have unmonitored access."

  • Redmond Channel Partner, April 2010

    Redmond Channel"The only thing that Microsoft has done with Vista and Windows 7 is to make it much harder to use vulnerabilities in the design of the operating system to be the vector of attack," commented Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software.

  • Redmond, April 2010

    redmond"Microsoft is in a no-win situation," said Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software. "If it patches the infected machine, it kills the machine and Microsoft gets blamed. If it detects that the machine is infected and does not patch the machine, the machine is not further damaged, but it is not disinfected and Microsoft gets blamed."

  • TechNewsWorld, April 2010

    TechNewsWorldThe best way to decide whether to go open source or not is to look at the business case, Lieberman advised. "One thing we see all the time as a vendor of security products is that the decision whether or not to go open source is absolutely a religious decision," he said. "You're either of the religion of Linux and open source or you're of the religion of commercial software."

  • Redmond Magazine, April 2010

    redmond"Lieberman Software, headed by super smart Phil Lieberman, has long been in the Windows admin market. Now Phil is eying the cloud with Enterprise Random Password Manager, which now brings its identity management features to cloud providers."

  • Cloud Computing Journal, March 2010

    Cloud Computing Journal"Safeguarding a cloud infrastructure from unmonitored access, malware and intruder attacks grows more challenging for service providers as their operations evolve. And as a cloud infrastructure grows, so too does the presence of unsecured privileged identities – those so-called super-user accounts that hold elevated permission to access sensitive data, run programs, and change configuration settings on virtually every IT component."

  • Database Trends and Applications, March 2010

    Database Trends"With this version of ERPM, cloud service providers can assure both customers and IT auditors that privileged access to sensitive data is continuously monitored and secured."

  • MCP Magazine, March 2010

    MCP Magazine"Security software entrepreneur Phil Lieberman had a simple response to the two-minute knockout of IE 8. 'Cool and bravo,' said Lieberman."

  • Dark Reading - March 2010

    Dark Reading"The really sad part of this story [HSBC database breach] is that IT is many times the biggest enemy of security, willing to go to the mat to make sure that security for managing internal threats will never be adopted," says Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software.

  • Redmond Magazine, March 2010

    redmond"The fact that the VPC [Virtual PC] creates a sandbox for misbehaved programs is exactly what it is supposed to do," said Phil Lieberman, founder and president of Lieberman Software."

  • Microsoft Certified Professional, March 2010

    MCP Magazine"Lieberman Software will launch a new rev of its ID management product called Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM). Lieberman said ERPM works best when sitting on a secure enterprise OS such as Windows 7."

  • Help Net Security, March 2010

    helpnet"Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) that now delivers fine-grain management features to protect every asset in the cloud infrastructure – including physical and virtual computers and network appliances, hypervisors, databases, middleware, line-of-business applications, and more."

  • Dark Reading, March 2010

    Dark Reading"ERPM continuously discovers, secures, and grants fully audited, role-based administrative access to physical and virtual IT assets within the cloud infrastructure."

  • ebizQ, March 2010

    ebizq"Enterprise Random Password Manager Helps Cloud Service Providers and Large Enterprises Manage and Secure Privileged Identities."

  • Global Security Magazine, March 2010

    Global Security Magazine"The new version of Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) adds the capability for cloud service providers to delegate different levels of privileged access, audit and compliance reporting to end-customers."

  • Los Angeles Times, February 2010

    LA TimesLieberman said he would like to ask the lab who had access to the system. "An interesting question about this," he said, "is was there a third party involved that had authorization to get through the firewall to see results and shared that account?"

  • Network World, February 2010

    network world"In this article, Phil Lieberman argues that last year's data breach at Heartland was less the fault of the company's, and more the result of the lack of smart card technology that credit card issuers refuse to issue in the United States."

  • Redmond Magazine, February 2010

    redmond "This type of bug/limitation is not particularly surprising given that this type of exploit requires that a hacker have a very high technical capability as well as the ability to tap into secure network sessions," Lieberman said. "It is an interesting technical exploit, but not particularly likely."

  • Dark Reading, February 2010

    Dark Reading"They have to ask themselves the question, 'Where do we have accounts? Tell me all of the places where we have accounts and tell me all the things they use these accounts for?'" says Phil Lieberman of Lieberman Software, which specializes in privileged user management.

  • Los Angeles Times, January 2010

    LA Times"Commercial organizations can rarely defend themselves against sophisticated government attacks," said Phil Lieberman, chief executive of Lieberman Software, a Los Angeles security software firm.

  • Network Centric Security, December 2009

    Network Centric SecurityPhilip Lieberman discusses current cyber security threats and the challenges to resolving them in his article "Building Legal Frameworks for CyberSecurity Change".

  • Tek Tips, December 2009

    TekTips"Once a single computer is compromised, the intruders leapfrog from system to system, compromising highly sensitive privileged accounts throughout the organization until the infrastructure is mapped and its most valued information can be extracted quickly enough to render conventional safeguards powerless."

  • GSN Magazine, December 2009

    GSN"Lieberman Software provides privileged ID management for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server."

  • Dark Reading, December 2009

    Dark Reading"SharePoint Server makes extensive use of privileged accounts for its processes, and is an example of an enterprise service that could benefit from Lieberman Software's Enterprise Random Password Manager."

  • Newsday, November 2009

    "Given the high value of the traffic on Wall Street and One WTC [World Trade Center], pager interception complexity and physical proximity are not a problem for someone looking to get a leg up on the financial system," Lieberman said.

  • CIO Today, November 2009

    CIO Today"User Manager Pro helps organizations in all major vertical markets locate and remove rogue users, groups, and group memberships, change administrator passwords, discover and remove unauthorized shares, determine who is in the administrator group, find stale user accounts and, with Cratering, mediate virus infections – including zero-day infections that bypass conventional antivirus solutions."

  • Dark Reading, November 2009

    Dark Reading"Even the DBA can make a difference in terms of whether they're utilizing best practices in setting access controls," says Philip Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, an account and password management firm. "The DBAs are really the core of this because they're really the protectors of the database."

  • Pro Security Zone, October 2009

    ProSecurityZone"Secure access control for Oracle included in Lieberman’s Enterprise Random Password Manager."

  • Government Computer News, October 2009

    gov newsSecurity mavens like the idea of going deep into the anatomy of an application rather than just relying on antivirus software or operating system security functions. For instance, Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, called EMET "a good value-add for Microsoft ISVs [independent software vendors]."

  • Network World, October 2009

    network world"The other major announcement was from Lieberman Software, which unveiled a privileged identity management solution for the Oracle Ecosystem."

  • Help Net Security, October 2009

    helpnet"Lieberman Software has integrated its privileged identity management solution, Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM), with Oracle."

  • Dark Reading, October 2009

    Dark Reading"For example, Lieberman notes, many organizations leave themselves at risk when they fail to encrypt database backup tapes. The data may be secure on the server, but if someone with ill intent gets hold of the unencrypted tape, then it will be compromised all the same."

  • Web Security Journal, September 2009

    WebSecurityJournal"Philip Lieberman will give a breakout session on How to Protect Your Government Agency with Backend IT Controls"

  • Campus Technology, September 2009

    1105"The London-based University of Westminster has chosen a utility from Lieberman Software to manage privileged user accounts."

  • Microsoft Certified Professional, September 2009

    MCP Magazine"In my experience, Microsoft tends to react proportionately to the amount of ink given to an issue brought up by vendors or the press," Lieberman said. "Real or fictitious threats all get a hearing and a response."

  • For the Record, September 2009

    ForTheRecord"Remote wipe capabilities are another helpful solution for devices frequently traveling beyond the confines of the organization, notes Philip Lieberman, CEO and president of Lieberman Software, a company providing enterprise solutions for security and systems management."

  • SC Magazine, August 2009

    SC MagazineSC Magazine Awards Enterprise Random Password Manager 5 out of 5 stars in product review.

  • Pro Security Zone, August 2009

    ProSecurityZone“We need to control and audit access to all of the privileged account passwords in our network, and decided on Lieberman Software’s ERPM for its automated account discovery capabilities, auditing features, and productivity benefits,” said Jonathan Hughes, User Systems Manager at the University of Westminster.

  • Information Systems Security, August 2009

    ISS"The job of a privileged password management technology is to inventory all systems, accounts, passwords and where they are used."

  • IT Business Edge, July 2009

    "Identity and access management vendors to watch."

  • Ulitzer, July 2009

    UlitzerFounder and President of Lieberman Software, Philip Lieberman, will speak at Government IT Conference in October.

  • USA Today, July 2009

    USA Today"The unauthorized extraction of information is epidemic and essentially unstoppable," says Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, which makes password security systems.

  • Pro Security Zone, July 2009

    ProSecurityZone"Lieberman Software has gained Windows 7 compatibility on its privileged identity management and security management software."

  • Network World, July 2009

    network world"First, the always fascinating Phil Lieberman (founder and CEO of Lieberman Software) weighed in on our recent discussions. My position has been that in theory IDaaS makes sense. [But] I believe that the IDaaS model breaks down in many areas."

  • Enterprise Systems Journal, June 2009

    enterprise systems"Lieberman Software’s has announced Account Reset Console 5.0, offering increased protection for sensitive user account passwords and enhanced enterprise performance and scalability."

  • Wall Street Journal, May 2009

    WSJ"But not everyone was satisfied with the report. Phil Lieberman, of Lieberman Software, criticized what he called its punitive tone. “They’re suggesting in this paper that if you don’t have good security, that you’ll be punished for it. The problem is that this is an evolving threat,” he said. “They seem to be waving the stick around a lot without having any serious carrots."

  • The Last Watchdog, May 2009

    LastWatchDog"Phil Lieberman, CEO,  Lieberman Software:  There needs to a be a bright line of reasonable care for enterprises as well as incentives to implement strengthened cyber security."

  • TechNews World, May 2009

    TechNewsWorld"The report also introduces a number of new cybersecurity concepts -- for example, a legal standard of care. Such a standard would give organizations a clear sense of what is expected of them at the commercial level, Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software, told TechNewsWorld."

  • Dark Reading, May 2009

    Dark Reading"Enterprise Random Password Manager and Random Password Manager feed events to Systems Center based on password change, password verification, and password check-in/check-out job results."

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal, May 2009

    sox"Lieberman Software products integrate seamlessly with System Center Operations Manager to alert administrators to what users and the Help Desk are doing with privileged accounts from a single console."

  • Dark Reading, April 2009

    Dark Reading"Security vendor Lieberman Software also posted a survey of IT and security pros that indicates 60.7 percent of respondents work at organizations that have reduced their IT budgets in 2009. Some 40 percent of the respondents have reduced staff since January, the report states."

  • Government Computer News, April 2009

    gov news"Among the most secure password systems are those that use the principles of least privilege and need to know, which limit the user’s ability to access resources to only that which is necessary to do the job at hand, said Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software Corp."

  • InfoSecurity Products Guide, April 2009

    InfoSecurityEnterprise Random Password Manager Wins Tomorrow's Technology Today Award for Privileged Account Password Management.

  • InformationWeek, March 2009

    InformationWeek"While all privileged account managers can scan a network or Windows domain looking for systems to manage, Lieberman Software's Enterprise Random Password Manager extends its discovery of passwords to manage beyond typical operating system accounts."

  • Enterprise Systems, March 2009

    enterprise systems"Why is security given short shrift at some enterprises? Philip Lieberman, founder of Lieberman Software (a security management vendor), says a big reason is the enterprise’s culture, starting at the top."

  • SC Magazine, March 2009

    SC Magazine"Commenting on the proceedings, security software veteran Phil Lieberman, founder and CEO of Lieberman Software, said it is clear that the President is the ultimate "big hammer" when it comes to making government agencies cooperate and behave properly, but as with any CEO, he cannot be everywhere and needs clear policies that take care of the majority of situations that occur each day."

  • Washington Post, March 2009

    WashingtonPost"Philip Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, a Los Angeles-based security software maker, said the new administration faces a tough job balancing privacy and civil liberties issues with the real need to help secure the Internet, a major engine of the world's economic activity."

  • The Last Watchdog, March 2009

    LastWatchDog"[Lieberman] says there has been a complete void of any government policies laying out who has primary responsibilities for mitigating cyber threats against  the private and public sectors."

  • eWeek, February 2009

    eweek"Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software in Los Angeles and a 30-year player in the cyber security field, praised Obama's decision to review the government's cyber security efforts."

  • InformationWeek, February 2009

    InformationWeek"The move drew praise from the technology industry. Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, said that the United States has lacked a coordinated policy on cyberwarfare."

  • Windows IT Pro Magazine, December 2008

    "If you want to secure those accounts whose passwords never get changed, and need to audit who has access to these passwords, then Enterprise Random Password Manager is the solution for you."

  • TechNet Magazine, December 2008

    Lieberman Software's Chris Stoneff describes how the root password on Mac systems can be managed by automated processes.

  • eWeek, December 2008

    "In other cases, as Lieberman Software's Chris Stoneff pointed out in an article for Microsoft TechNet, enterprises tell the IT department's entire staff what a password is. The more people who know a secret, the more likely it will become public knowledge, he wrote."

  • SC Magazine, November 2008

    "With little effort from the administra­tor, this product can seek out and change all passwords, including system service accounts. This provides solid security across the entire environment."

  • RunAs Radio, November 2008

    "Richard and Greg talk to Chris Stoneff of Lieberman Software about the challenges of passwords. The discussion ranges from password alternatives to complexity policy and privileged account password management."

  • Network World, October 2008

    "Kuppinger actually attributes the idea to Lieberman Software's Kevin Franks, who should know since Privileged Account Management (PAM) is a big area for his company."

  • TechNet Magazine, September 2008

    "The issue of shared account password management must be addressed. This means you should obtain a method of reliably and regularly changing your passwords."

  •, July 2008

    "So why should you care about these boring, hum-drum privileged accounts? Because these accounts have elevated access rights, meaning those with access can bypass the internal controls of the target platform."

  • Network World, June 2008

    For some third-party security software providers that work closely with Microsoft, it's also been trying at times. "It's been a roller coaster," says Phil Lieberman, president of Lieberman Software, which makes password and administrative management tools that work with Microsoft desktop and server products.

  • IT Jungle, May 2008

    "Random Password Manager is designed to protect organizations from a catastrophic compromise of their IT infrastructure's security."

  • Help Net Security, April 2008

    "RSA SecurID technology helps to ensure that only staff with physical possession of an RSA SecurID hardware authenticator and properly provisioned credentials can access the passwords generated and stored by Lieberman Software products."

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal, February 2008

    "Random Password Manager can remotely set every Cisco IOS device to different password, and can recover the current password for each device using a secure web interface."

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