High Availability and Disaster Recovery

With its open, n-tier architecture ERPM is easier to configure for high availability and disaster recovery.

Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM) provides your most economical, trusted options for High Availability deployment. 

  • You can deploy ERPM alongside your other mission-critical applications using an Enterprise edition of Oracle 11g or Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Use of these open and reliable database standards delivers 99.99%+ uptime that simply can't be matched by "black box" security appliances, proprietary data stores, and open-source databases. 
  • Because ERPM is a multi-tier, software-based, agent less solution its components can be easily distributed to match your own network architecture.

Data Store

The ERPM data store is the single most critical component to the application. All systems lists, jobs, job settings, passwords, and other information about the systems are stored in this database. 

  • When using Microsoft SQL Server, high availability options include Database Mirroring and Clustering
  • For high availability with Oracle, you can use Mirroring (Active Data Guard) or Clustering (RAC). 

ERPM Website

The ERPM website works independently of the management application. This means that even if the management application becomes unavailable, the website can still serve requested passwords. 

  • To avoid loss of ERPM website functionality, the use of Network Load Balancing (NLB) is recommended for the website. NLB will require each of your web servers to have two IP addresses – one for each system and a common address for the NLB cluster.
  • Horizontal scaling is achieved through multi-threaded processing and distributed load balancing across zones. An unlimited number of Win32 consoles and concurrent web servers/sites systems may be connected for scaling.

Management Application

No built-in clustering option is recommended for the ERPM management application. Rather, if an enterprise installation or DR application is licensed you can install the management application on several different systems and direct each installation to the same database. 

  • If you choose not to license an enterprise installation or DR application and only install a standalone management application, in the event the system hosting the application becomes unavailable there will be no interruption to end-user password recovery. This is because all of the data is stored in the back-end data store, and password recovery is accomplished through the ERPM website. 
  • Should the management application become unavailable, administration of systems lists and job creation will cease until the application is reinstalled and reconnected to the original database; installation of the management application only takes a few minutes. Once this is completed all existing groups, systems and jobs can be accessed as before.

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