Hidden Risks of IT Staff Turnover:Download

Securing Data During IT Staff Turnover

Securing Data During Personnel Turnover

The IT planning executive at a large government agency was nervous.

Rounds of budget cuts had forced his team to renegotiate IT outsourcing agreements every six months. This meant that the contractors who were running IT were being discharged – and new workers taking their place – on a continuous basis.

With so many shared privileged administrator accounts and no efficient way to change them on the agency's databases, servers and applications, the executive worried about password secrets that were walking out the door.

Was the agency vulnerable to a data breach?

Download "Hidden Risks of IT Staff Turnover - How to Safeguard Corporate Data as Job Roles Change" to learn the four key steps the executive took to:

  • Identify vulnerable passwords and at-risk IT assets;
  • Reduce IT administrative workloads; and
  • Control, monitor and audit access to sensitive data during times of IT staff turnover.

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