Hardware Based Encryption

Hardware Based Encryption

ERPM makes it easy to configure industry-standard hardware-based encryption to help safeguard your organization's password secrets.

Even with conventional password management products, powerful privileged account passwords can still be compromised via shoulder surfing, key loggers, social engineering or similar attacks. To effectively protect privileged accounts, an elevated level of security must be employed.

Enterprise Random Password Manager(ERPM) is the first privileged identity management solution to utilize hardware-based encryption to securely store high value account credentials and protect them from unauthorized access.

Secure Password Storage

By integrating with any PKCS #11 hardware device, Enterprise Random Password Manager can store current privileged account passwords inside a tamper-resistant hardware environment. There is no record of decryption keys stored in memory, so there is no risk of software debuggers locating the keys and accessing the protected data.

Hardware-based encryption provides ERPM with a secure key management and encryption subsystem independently validated to FIPS 140-2 levels 2 and 3 – a de-facto security benchmark for cryptographic processing. This technology has been an industry best practice for years in the federal government, military, intelligence, and financial communities due to the ease with which software-only encryption methods can be compromised.

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