Solutions for Government Agencies

Government IT Security SolutionsToday government agencies at every level—federal, state and local—work to maintain IT service levels while coping with budgetary constraints. For government IT departments, achieving more with less means securing the infrastructure from external threats, keeping up with changes in personnel, and complying with security mandates such as the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM™) is uniquely architected to enhance government IT security in an efficient, cost-effective manner. With ERPM you can:

  • Quickly secure your network from external threats and internal misuse of unmanaged privileged accounts, with a solution that deploys in days instead of weeks.
  • Instantly enforce organizational policies for privileged access to computers, network appliances, databases, line-of-business applications and more.
  • Allow fast access by authorized personnel for routine systems maintenance and emergency, fire-call repairs through easily configured, fine-grained delegation rules - with native support for industry-standard two-factor authentication including Common Access Card (CAC) and RSA SecurIDTM - to keep sensitive data in the hands of authorized users.
  • Manage subcontractor and vendor access using delegation rules that can allow remote access without contractors ever seeing a password.
  • View authoritative audit records to know precisely which personnel requested access to what IT resources, at what time, and from what location.
  • Lower the cost of compliance with NIST/FISMA, FIPS and other regulatory mandates with complete auditing and compliance reports.

ERPM has also been granted a Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) from the US Army. All product development and testing operations are conducted entirely in the US.

For more details on how Lieberman Software can address the security issues at your government agency contact us today.

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