Enterprise Random Password Manager Case Studies

Case-in-Point: Managing Privileged Access in a Global 200 Organization

"Lieberman had all the features we required, and they also allow for additional customization that provides us with valuable flexibility going forward."

Lieberman Software Helps Financial Services Firm Control Keys to the IT Kingdom

“We have a lot of people who have access to the ‘keys to the IT kingdom’. ERPM lets us keep tighter control of those keys. That way we don’t lose them.”

Financial Services Firm Automates Privileged Account Management with Lieberman Software

“Before we had ERPM, our privileged password changes could easily take a couple hours. Now they just take a few minutes. We’re confident that ERPM is going to update the passwords for our privileged accounts, and all the places where the accounts are being used.”

Cloud-Based Analytics Provider Uses Privileged Identity Management to Secure Confidential Customer Data

“We chose ERPM for its ability to reach out and discover all of the privileged accounts on the network. So as soon as it was operational we could tell, for example, that these service credentials are in these locations. And, this local administrator account is running this scheduled task.”

Carnegie Mellon University Takes Control of Privileged Identities in Less Than One Day with Lieberman Software

“It took less than one day from the time that we started the installation until we changed all of the privileged passwords on our machines. It was that simple.”

Wings Financial Secures Customer Data and Eases IT Staff Workloads with Lieberman Software

“We can already see that if the auditors have any questions about password changes, ERPM’s audit reports will show them that documentation,” Schluting said. “We can prove our compliance with security requirements beyond the shadow of a doubt.”

Major Television Network Protects Its Prized Data Assets with Enterprise Random Password Manager

“ERPM is allowing us to achieve our goal of restricting access to certain libraries where no one, including systems administrators, is allowed to go. It’s a product we deployed to solve a very specific problem. ERPM is a strategic cog in the machine.”

Heartland Financial Deploys Enterprise Random Password Manager to Maintain Control of Privileged Identities

”Our biggest advantage is that our systems are now much more secure. Controlling our privileged identities helps protect us against threats like malicious software. Another benefit with ERPM is the time savings and increased productivity compared to scripting.”

Large Federal Credit Union Turns to Lieberman Software to Mitigate IT Security Risks

“It’s like painting the Golden Gate Bridge – starting at one end, working your way to the other end, and then starting all over. Essentially by the time you were done changing service account passwords, you would have to start it all over again. ERPM automates that tedious, error-prone process for us.”

Canada’s WSIB Automates Privileged Account Management with Lieberman Software

"ERPM increases security by tracking when the passwords are being used and who’s using them. And if someone leaves the IT team you can just remove them from having access to ERPM, so there’s no concern about former employees still being able to access the organization’s sensitive information.”

Lieberman Software Helps Fortune 500 Industrial Manufacturer Achieve Security Compliance

“ERPM can absolutely meet an organization’s IT compliance and security requirements with a minimum of investment, and without a lot of long-term internal support requirements."

University of Westminster Deploys Enterprise Random Password Manager for Privileged Identity Security

“Among the solutions that we evaluated, ERPM is the only one that can automatically discover every privileged account on our network, providing real advantages over the less effective, less reliable manual alternatives.”

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf Eliminates Threat Posed by Shared Administrator Passwords 

"Random Password Manager is a valuable investment that’s significantly improved the security of our personal and financial data."

Random Password Manager Provides Privilege Management for Micronas  

"We’re now happy with the security of our servers. We know that we can still access them if the domain trust ever fails, and Random Password Manager runs smoothly without manual intervention."