Enterprise Random Password Manager Revision History

 Current Version: 5.0.1     Build:150731      Released: August 3, 2015  

  • Added: Completely new web interface based onbootstrap and JSON
  • Added: Content management system for website
  • Added: Delegations in website for managementsets, systems, accounts
  • Added: Admin defined notifications in website(global)
  • Added: Control of browser local DB cache
  • Added: sudoers settings discovery and comparison
  • Added: SSH key update jobs to the types of jobsthat will be run when password change is selected in the zone processor jobafinity settings
  • Added: Automated DB index defragmenting option
  • Added: Web page for remote app launch logging.
  • Added: End times to remote app launch weboperations to track when the session is ended and published that information tothe remote app logging page
  • Added: Column in the web operations display toshow request entries associated with a password recovery or remote session
  • Added: Request id to the generated zip outputfile for web activity logs
  • Added: Request information to the checkout andcheck in operation logs related to password recoveries
  • Added: The target system field to the list offilters available in the remote app launch audit page
  • Added: Field to the web application settings forthe server certificate used by the recording server
  • Added: a download link to the user settings pageof the web application to download the certificate used by the recording serverif specified
  • Added: Endpoint entries to the web applicationsettings to provide the endpoints to the web interface in the session info page
  • Added: Test connection buttons to the webapplication configuration to test the connection to the web service endpoints
  • Added: Web service endpoint links to the usersession page in the web interface and links to the JSON help page
  • Added: Option to prevent any default creation ofauthentication servers(Options.AppSepcific.Roulette.WebAppOptions.DontCheckAuthServerList)
  • Added: Logging for any operation that updates anauthentication server using the console dialog
  • Added: Missing permissions to the schedulerestrictions console dialog under global delegations
  • Added: Event sink message logging to the removesystem from group calls made by the main dialog
  • Added: Controls on logging functions that userequest IDs to ensure the value of the request ID is valid even on failures

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Current Version: 4.83.9 SR1     Build:150508      Released: May 9, 2015   

  • Added: Logging and a web service update if the recorder state fails to transition to stopped/complete.
  • Added: Redirection to the login page that will redirect to HTTPS if secure cookies are required by the web application settings to prevent failed logins back to the login page.
  • Added: Logging to indicate "no ticket"for web operations that did not log a ticket.
  • Added: Compatibility tag to all page headers to indicate IE optimizations for edge version.
  • Added: Code to the SSH console settings to default to black on white if the background and foreground colors are the same.
  • Added: Page loading effects to the user session pages for RDP and SSH.
  • Added: The ability to automatically output these ed for a user's oath token to the oath login page.
  • Added: The ability to automatically generate a QR code for the seed file of an OATH token.
  • Added: The ability to automatically generate a Google Authenticator QR code for OATH token seeds and show them on OATH login page until successful login.
  • Added: Request/grant work flow to remote applications/SSH/telnet/RDP.
  • Added: Job creators are now granted full control of jobs.
  • Added: New delegation to request remote access on groups/systems/accounts dialogs.
  • Added: New "request access" PowerShell commandlet to create remote access requests.

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