Enterprise Random Password Manager: Revision History

Current Version Build Released On
4.83.8  SR2  141103 November 4, 2014  


  • V1 Feature: A<>B Service Account Pooling. Contact your account manager for more information.
  • V1 Feature: Enumeration of groups on target system.Contact your account manager for more information.
  • V1 Feature: Enumeration of group memberships on target system. Contact your account manager for more information.
  • V1 Feature: SSH Key discovery and association. Contact your account manager for more information.
  • Added: Support for Shadow Accounts when launching applications
  • Added: Can now launch application as connecting RDP user(windows local or domain accounts only).
  • Added: SSH tunneling with username and password
  • Added: SSH tunneling with public key authentication
  • Added: Interstitial dialog for editing jobs to prompt if the job will run now when closing the dialog.
  • Changed: application launcher no longer needs recover password permission to function.
  • Changed: Heuristics checking for DB queries was disabled by default resolving compatibility problems with Oracle.
  • Fixed: Compliance report "All Job Activity"could cause ERPM to crash when using an Oracle database (B-715).
  • Fixed: Web service installer not configuring IIS SSL setting (B-726).
  • Fixed: Zone processors did not run scheduled jobs despite assigned affinity (B-746).
  • Fixed: Zone processor job affinity reported incorrectly(B-747).
  • Fixed: Job queue "check status" caused ERPM to crash (B-748).
  • Fixed: Job queue "show query" caused ERPM to crash (B-749).
  • Fixed: Problem where ERPM deferred processing service may not start.
  • Fixed: Password checkout status not properly determined when display options are not enabled (B-757).
  • Fixed: Re-randomization jobs against Linux targets would not properly re-use certificates.
  • Fixed: Toggling SSH keys for use on ALL SYSTEMS after being mapped to a single system when the single system had already been managed could cause job to log errors.
  • Fixed: Users without permissions could see (though not recover) all shared credentials when setting list filter to 'All Lists'.


Previous Version Build Released On
4.83.8  SR1 140930 October 1, 2014  

  • Added: Licensing support for integration and migration of RPM systems to ERPM systems.
  • Added: CA Service Desk Integration.
  • Added: Ticket status verification for JIRA.
  • Added: Ticket status verification for OTRS.
  • Added: SSH key support for password changes.
  • Added: Custom port support for MySQL databases.
  • Fixed: Shared credential list grid padding when viewed in IE with compatibility mode enabled.
  • Fixed: Support for Cyrillic characters in password lists.
  • Fixed: Support for umlaut characters in password lists.
  • Fixed: Date picker date selection for dashboards on international date/time formats.
  • Fixed: Application launcher would not work when login names included Cyrillic characters.
  • Fixed: PowerShell Cmdlet Get-LSWebAuditLogs did not return data (B-733).
  • Fixed: SSH key for one to many system mapping for application launching (B-732).
  • Fixed: Web delegation changes via website would fail when user came from alternate domain (B-731).
  • Fixed: Oracle text file import did not import username and password when a custom connection string was used (B-730).
  • Fixed: after performing a password check-in via the website, the filters would set the system type to TN3270 (B-729).
  • Fixed: Heartbeat monitor dialog was not reading correct values regarding its settings and would therefore write back wrong settings if dialog was OK  (B-725).
  • Fixed: Account elevation time discrepancy (B-702).
  • Fixed: Ignore password checkout permission did not apply when recovering shared credentials (B-701).
  • Fixed: Once an IPMI connection account was managed,ERPM was not loading the stored credential to continue managing the device(B-699).
  • Fixed: Self-recovery permissions were not being properly imported (B-686)
  • Fixed: Users granted self-recovery permissions could not page through multiple pages of accounts for recovery (B-686).
  • Fixed: installing ERM website to an IIS host already hosting multiple existing root level websites could cause application pool corruption.
  • Fixed: Special 2012 and 2012 R2 tasks that did not fully qualify the name (always using domain accounts) were improperly attributed in the account store view.

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