Enterprise Integration

ERPM Integrates Out-of-The Box

ERPM offers native integration with leading help desk systems, security frameworks, directory services and much more.

Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM) integrates with the widest range of network devices, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions, databases, systems management and identity management applications out-of-the-box. The ever-growing list of native technology integrations includes:

Additional integrations are easily achieved one of three ways.

Event Sink: Event Triggering / Notification / Integration system

ERPM’s Event Sink system allows you to easily integrate third party software. The system has been designed to be both flexible and functional enough to support a broad range of integrations without the need for code customization. 

Each Event Sink is a registered listener that takes a specific action when one or more events occur. The Event Sink can be configured to respond to a single event, a range of events, or multiple ranges of events. Event Sink notifications can be used to tie ERPM into problem tracking systems by generating events or COM calls or RCP calls to the tracking application which may in turn open tickets or take further actions based on the information received.

The Event Sink system also provides for alerting and notifications. Actions for Event Sinks include log files, events, COM calls, named pipes, registry listeners and email. The three most used items in order are: email, event, COM call.

Software Development Kit (SDK) / Web Services

For applications, scripts, configuration files, etc, that embed user credentials or that must be modified with an external application, ERPM can leverage its custom propagations to edit the files and applications directly or by utilizing the required external application. ERPM also provides an SDK/Web Service which would allow for the application, script, etc, to remove the embedded password and instead call for the password from ERPM, thus removing clear text passwords from the calling application.

Although the SDK can do many things, one focus is on programmatic password recovery using the Windows based executable. Other options for this access include direct communication to the web service or through user-provided middleware. Some of the potential use cases include:

  • Allowing an application to retrieve the password rather than embedding the password in the application
  • Allowing a script to retrieve the password to pass to another program or operation rather than dealing with an embedded password
  • Retrieving the password for an account on the local system that has been cached during a previous password update - typically for off-line systems like laptops
  • Adding new accounts to the shared password vault
  • Updating account information in the password vault
  • Allowing a system to register itself with ERPM to initiate password change management without having to wait for dynamic group updates in the main application to add the system

Development Customization & Integration (DCI) Services

Lieberman Software Corporation offers development customization and integration services to assist with third party application integration as needed.

Contact us to learn more about how Lieberman Software can help you secure your organization's privileged accounts.