Ease of Deployment

Easier Deployment and Improved Manageability

ERPM can be deployed by your in-house staff in days, not months, and is designed to be maintained with a minimum of IT staff resources.

No organization should spend months of personnel time and vast sums in professional services fees to deploy a Privileged Identity Management solution. Fortunately Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM) can be deployed on the largest networks in only days, without the need for added-cost professional services.

  • ERPM is designed from the ground up to be operationally efficient
  • Installation and configuration is made easy with check box configuration screens and simple navigation menus
  • It literally takes 15 minutes to install or upgrade, and then it is simply a matter of moving through the configuration screens to select your deployment options. 

ERPM consumes users, roles and systems from existing LDAP compliant directories and CMDBs. On an ongoing basis, ERPM will synch with your existing directories/databases to update itself as systems and administrative users come on and off the network.

Configuration vs. Customization

ERPM is also designed to be easy to configure and maintain over time. All ERPM customers get the same supported code base that includes built-in options to configure the solution for your specific purposes, however complex. And ERPM doesn't require extensive customization and one-off vendor implementations, so you'll minimize your future costs and simplify your software updates and security fixes. Nearly all customers are able to configure ERPM without requiring expensive professional services. Simply select your configuration options from easy-to-navigate drop down menus and check mark boxes.

Programmatic Access

Because every IT environment is different, an important consideration is ERPM’s ability to easily manage and operate reliably with the systems, applications and devices that are unique to your enterprise. ERPM gives you a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can address corner cases, with APIs available for virtually all platforms to allow real-time, programmatic access to passwords. The SDK allows applications and individuals to access the password store independently of the product's original interface. Key use cases include:

  • Improving the security of your in-house applications and scripts by configuring them to retrieve privileged credentials on demand rather than embedding the passwords where they can be easily compromised
  • Programmatically updating account information in the password store
  • Programmatically enrolling systems in ERPM without waiting for dynamic group updates
  • Replacing clear-text passwords embedded in applications with secure retrieval from the encrypted database

Maintainability for the Long Term

ERPM offers open documentation – accessible to everyone online. To save your organization long-term costs, all product upgrades are included with your cost of support, and the upgrade software can be installed quickly, by your in-house staff, without the need to pay for additional professional services.

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