Testimonials About Enterprise Random Password Manager


“ERPM is an extremely powerful tool which can randomize thousands of passwords in just a few minutes as a result of an alert or simply on a set schedule to ensure that even in the event of a captured password, it won’t be valid for very long."

 John Breeden II, Network World

“ERPM is highly scalable through its multitier architecture, which can use zone processors to change passwords on a massively parallel fashion. It is also one of few vendors that supports concurrent (not just ad hoc) discovery of privileged accounts and systems, including from hypervisors. This makes the solution particularly attractive to very large organizations."

 Felix Gaehtgens, Gartner

“ERPM provides PIM technology, but steers clear of the vault-based password management controls that most PIM vendors offer. Vault-based protection did not stop many of the recently reported, high-profile data breaches that have affected all sectors of industry. Lieberman has chosen an automated discovery and remediation approach that limits cyber-attack opportunities."

Andrew Kellett, Ovum

“...Enterprise Random Password Manager is a very robust and enterprise-class Privilege Management tool. It has been battle tested and has proven itself as a clear Leader. This solution should be considered by any organization thinking of embarking on a Privilege Management journey.

Peter Cummings, Kuppinger Cole

“ERPM is an excellent choice for large organizations that need a way to centrally manage access to privileged resources. It is used all over the world by federal agencies and large companies to prevent privileged account abuse.

Peter Stephenson, SC Magazine

“One of [ERPM's] advantages is a continuous real-time automated account discovery of potential target accounts.

David Strom, Network World

“Enterprise Random Password Manager provides an easy-to-use method of automating the management and security of sensitive privileged accounts in heterogeneous environments.

Orin Thomas, Windows IT Pro

“It took less than one day from the time that we started the installation until we changed all of the privileged passwords on our machines. It was that simple.”

Carnegie Mellon University

“We can already see that if the auditors have any questions about password changes, ERPM’s audit reports will show them that documentation. We can prove our compliance with security requirements beyond the shadow of a doubt.”

Gregg Schluting, Wings Financial

"Our biggest advantage is that our systems are now much more secure. Controlling our privileged identities helps protect us against threats like malicious software. Another benefit with ERPM is the time savings and increased productivity compared to scripting."

Shane Nicely, Heartland Financial USA

“I highly recommend ERPM. With all of the different privileged accounts and passwords that most organizations need to track, ERPM is a very handy solution for removing that effort and leaving brain real estate for other endeavors.”

Peter Gruner, WSIB

"We need to control and audit access to all of the privileged account passwords in our network, and decided on Lieberman Software’s Enterprise Random Password Manager for its automated account discovery capabilities, auditing features, and productivity benefits."

Jonathan Hughes, University of Westminster

 "Lieberman's core strengths remain account discovery, correlation and password propagation."

Steve Coplan, 451 Group

"The product has advanced discovery capabilities for endpoints - even in large environments."

Andres Cser, Forrester