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Privileged identities are the heart of your network because they control access to the data and configuration settings on every computer, application and network device. That's why integration of your privileged identity management system with your IT infrastructure is critical to help your IT staff work efficiently and keep your network secure.

Here's how Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM™), the privileged identity management solution from Lieberman Software, integrates with your IT infrastructure to keep you in control.

Multifactor Authentication

Most of today's regulatory mandates require multifactor authentication when requesting privileged access because it helps safeguard your organization from common hacker exploits. Lieberman Software's privileged identity management solutions offer you enhanced security by providing out-of-the-box integration with leading multifactor authentication providers.

PhoneFactor Integration RSA SecurID Integration SafeNet Integration
Yubico Integration

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Privileged User Management

Lieberman Software's privileged identity management solutions work together with your privileged user management software to provide fully automated password management, elevation of privileges for applications, enforcement of least privileges for individual users, and robust privileged account auditing.

BalaBit Integration FoxT Integration Viewfinity Integration
Wallix Integration

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Security Management

Integration of privileged identity management with leading security management platforms provides improved alerting and auditing capabilities and can help your IT staff respond faster to evolving security threats.

FireMon Integration McAfee ePO Integration Securonix Integration

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Service Desk

Lieberman Software's privileged identity management solutions work with your service desk software to give you faster access to systems and applications, improve governance and security by granting privileged access only to the extent needed to resolve each trouble ticket, and provide easier and more comprehensive audit and compliance reporting.

BMC Remedy Integration HP Service Manager Integration Microsoft SCSM Integration
ServiceNow Integration

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Session Recording

The integration of privileged identity management with leading session recording solutions allows you to capture and monitor all administrator and user activity via session screen recordings, and to generate detailed audit reports based on user activity.

ObserveIT Integration Raytheon SureView Integration

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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Lieberman Software's solutions work together with your SIEM software to provide enhanced monitoring, visibility and management of your powerful privileged accounts – for the first time giving you complete visibility of actions taken by privileged users along with any resulting security events.

ArcSight Integration Q1 Labs Integration RSA enVision Integration

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Systems Management

Your privileged identity management solution and system management software can work together to more quickly grant access to IT staff for faster service; eliminate the time-consuming processes for gaining access approvals and documenting access; and end the risky practices of sharing privileged logins on Post-It Notes and spreadsheets.

HP Operations Manager Integration Microsoft SCCM Integration Microsoft SCOM Integration

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Vulnerability Management

Lieberman Software's privileged identity management solutions can help ensure that your vulnerability management systems can always access, on demand, the privileged credentials needed for security scans and reports. The integrations can greatly reduce your IT staff overhead by eliminating the need to manually update every stored credential in your vulnerability management systems.

Qualys Integration Rapid7 Integration

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