Dashboards and Reporting

Get Compliance Reports and Real-Time Business Intelligence

ERPM provides preconfigured reports that prove regulatory compliance along with interactive dashboards that let you drill down to underlying activity reports.

With Enterprise Random Password Manager™ (ERPM) you'll get a broad range of preconfigured reports that help you monitor the performance of the application, ensure that your security and compliance goals are being met, and provide business intelligence to assist with daily operations. The solution also helps you create custom reports using popular third-party reporting tools such as Crystal Reports™ and SQL Server Reporting Services.


ERPM Dashboard Drilldown

ERPM Dashboards Give You
Real-Time Business Intelligence
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Dashboards pull real-time data from the live database and provide useful information about product, user, system, or managed account activity. Dashboards enable users to identify items of concern at just a glance, or verify all is working as it should. Certain dashboards also provide for drill down. This means a user may click on the chart element at a particular data point and the product will drill down to the actual auditing data that makes up the chart providing a truly useful and interactive experience. Dashboards are customizable by user: users choose their preferred dashboard layouts. They can also configure specific charts for each position in their dashboard. This is a major differentiator of ERPM.

Compliance Reports

ERPM makes it easy to create preconfigured reports that help prove compliance with regulatory mandates such as SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, CAG-12, BASEL III and others. 

  • You can produce reports on demand, or collect and report selected data according to schedules that you define.

  • Authorized users can access auditing and compliance reports through both the administrator console and the application web client

Reports that document ERPM actions are most often used for compliance reporting, including reports of all systems that are managed and unmanaged; reports of stored passwords and their status; reports of all password change jobs; reports that show activities by selected users; and reports that show activity for selected systems or accounts.

Use of a separate data warehouse, optionally configured on a standalone machine, helps assure responsive reporting regardless of the complexity of your reports or the size of your network. The separate data warehouse assures that archival, data segmentation, replication and data growth are more easily accommodated over time. And, the ERPM data warehouse allows for structured, minable data that remains completely segmented from encrypted account passwords.

Operational and Business Intelligence

ERPM Dashboard Drilldown

ERPM Business Intelligence Dashboards Allow
You to Drill Down to Underlying Reports
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ERPM gives you the reports you need to meet compliance requirements, and provides actionable business intelligence to quickly spot issues and trends. You can gain business insight from reports that tell you about password requests, password check in and check out, delegation change requests and others.

Taken together with information from preconfigured compliance reports, ERPM can help you answer questions such as:  

  • What were an employee's actions in the 30 days before he left his job?
  • Which of our systems had the most administrative login activity over the last 30 days?
  • Which of our systems have highly privileged, orphaned accounts that may be present because of personnel changes or other activity?
  • Which of our systems have privileged accounts that may use vulnerable, default logins?
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