Lower IT Compliance Costs

Regulatory Compliance SolutionsOrganizations that face regulatory compliance audits for standards such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NERC, FISMA and others need to prove that they’ve secured their privileged identities.

That’s because each of these standards requires you to:

  • Identify and track the location of privileged account passwords
  • Delegate so that only appropriate personnel can access privileged accounts
  • Enforce rules for password strength, uniqueness and change frequency
  • Audit and alert so that requesters, purpose, duration, and other facts are documented.

ERPM lowers the cost and uncertainty of compliance audits by:

  • Discovering and changing all default privileged passwords on each existing, new and changed hardware and software asset
  • Maintaining minimum complexity and change frequency standards for all privileged account passwords
  • Providing authoritative audit trails of all privileged access requests and all protected systems and applications; and proving that individuals who are terminated or change job roles no longer have access
  • Documenting a need-to-know when it comes to each privileged access

To learn more about how our solutions can be applied to your regulatory compliance requirements follow the links below.

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