US Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN)

Lieberman Software Certificate of NetworthinessUS Army forces deployed throughout the world must maintain secure and authorized access to highly confidential data, and prevent data breaches that could impact national security.

To guarantee that only the most secure, enterprise-grade products are running on its network, the US Army instituted the Certificate of Networthiness (CoN). Software must comply with rigorous standards to achieve the CoN requirement.

Lieberman Software Meets Military Security Standards

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) was granted a Certificate of Networthiness, verifying that it meets the US Army’s strictest requirements for security, reliability, integration and sustainability.

ERPM automatically finds, secures and audits access to privileged accounts throughout the enterprise, whether on-premises or in the cloud. It helps the US Army meet its mission-critical security requirements by ensuring that only authorized and audited personnel can access systems with sensitive data, and only for a limited time.

And at Lieberman Software, all product development and testing operations are conducted in the US.

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Find out how ERPM can help you defend against advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other cyber security attacks.

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