COM+ Manager: Features & Benefits

COM+ ManagerCOM+ Manager grants your IT administrators control over the identities referenced by COM objects dispersed throughout the Windows infrastructure.

Enhances security best practices by providing the ability to change credentials used by COM+, MTS and DCOM objects at regular intervals.

Helps maintain regulatory compliance standards by enabling frequent, audited changes to the domain account credentials referenced by components.

Increases IT staff productivity by allowing objects dispersed throughout the network to be modified in a single operation, eliminating time-consuming manual processes.

COM+ Manager Features

Account Resets
Change the accounts that COM+ applications run under.

Retrieve Properties
Retrieve properties for COM+/MTS applications from managed systems and display them in a single view.

Retrieve Objects
Retrieve and view DCOM objects on all managed systems.

Change Identities
Change the identities for COM+/MTS applications and DCOM objects.

Centralized Management
Manage MTS packages and COM+ applications from one central console.

Scheduled Reboots
Reboot and send messages to all systems remotely.

Deferred Processing
Retry operations attempted on offline or unavailable systems automatically.

Remote Operations
Manage remote machines using integrated support for VNC and Terminal Services.

Additional Credentials
Specify additional sets of credentials to administer systems in multiple domains and workgroups.

Microsoft Certified
Certified for Microsoft Windows 7, Server 2008, Server 2008 R2, Vista, XP.


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