COM+ Manager: Overview

COM+ Manager
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COM+ Manager allows systems administrators to view and manage all of the identity information on all of their COM objects from a single display, leading to more efficient use of IT resources and making mass management of component identities practical.  


Key Capabilities

 manage COM+, MTS and DCOM components      Easily Manage COM+, MTS and DCOM Components Across Multiple Machines

COM+ Manager administers web farm and server farm transaction components – including COM+, MTS, and DCOM – on a mass basis through a single display.

 view all windows components
  View all Windows Components in One Interface

COM+ Manager allows you to view which components are using which accounts in your enterprise. Objects scattered across all systems in your network can be quickly modified in one operation.

Powerful Technologies

scheduled actions        Immediate or Scheduled Actions
Need to make an update now, but not all of your machines are available? The management operations of COM+ Manager can be run immediately, or scheduled to run at a more convenient time.
 mass management interface   Mass Management Interface
As a Windows Sys Admin in a business environment, you have to solve problems across tens, hundreds or thousands of machines, not just one. COM+ Manager is just one of the Lieberman Software tools with a Mass Management Interface that lets you perform an operation across a thousand machines as easily as against one machine.
 remote desktop   Remote Desktop Integration

Sometimes you need to login to a remote machine to get the work done. Several Lieberman Software tools, including COM+ Manager, provide seamless remote desktop integration using Windows Remote Desktop or VNC.

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