Auditing and Logging

Audit and Log Access to Privileged Account Passwords

Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) gives your authorized staff audited access to privileged passwords, configuration settings and reports through a secure web interface.

Reliable auditing coverage is critical to any privileged identity management solution. That's why ERPM supports a variety of methods to record and audit every action that it performs. This includes text-based application logs, an internal auditing database, application Syslogs, email notifications, and integration with outside frameworks using traps for SNMP, Triggers for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, and more.

ERPM also audits and records access to its Web console for password requests, approvals and checkouts, delegation changes, reporting and other activities; access to its management console for configuration and reporting, and all password change job activity.

Alerting and Integration

ERPM alerts you when important events occur so you can take appropriate action. You can configure events to:

  • Trigger email alerts
  • Run specific programs
  • Communicate with trouble ticketing applications
  • Output event data directly into SIEM solutions, and other frameworks

ERPM can also alert you on actions such as password requests and check outs, password changes, failed password change jobs, and web application activities.

In addition to out-of-the-box integration with popular Help Desk and SIEM frameworks, ERPM integrates with virtually any Help Desk system, provisioning database, security framework and other key applications. Integrations that are not provided out-of-the-box can be quickly configured through the ERPM interface, without the need for scripting or expensive professional services.

SIEM Integration

By themselves, SIEM applications lack the ability to correlate security events with human and automated actions that use privileged credentials. That's why ERPM integration with your SIEM framework can close a critical blind spot in your security framework, tying individuals and processes that have privileged access to the security events that they can trigger. 

ERPM integrates out-of-the-box with leading SIEM frameworks such as HP ArcSight ESM™, RSA enVision™, and IBM Security QRadar™, and is easily configured to interoperate with other SIEM platforms.

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