Account Reset Console: Features & Benefits

Account Reset Console provides the security, compliance and productivity features that are integral to a comprehensive password management tool.

Strengthens enterprise security by enforcing a strict password reset regimen that allows only delegated, audited users access to account change permissions.

Helps organizations maintain regulatory compliance by auditing the effectiveness of password management controls and ensuring that only approved personnel can change passwords.

Enhances oversight control through scheduled and on-demand reports, which alert management to user account problems in the network.

Reduces Help Desk workload letting delegated users reset their own passwords, and improves end-user productivity by preventing downtime from account lockouts.

Account Reset Console Features

Self-Service Resets
Allows users to reset their own locked or disabled accounts without any Help Desk interaction.

Help Desk Resets
Allows Help Desk staff to reset user accounts without involving IT administrators.

Multiple Reset Options
Resets can be conducted via web browser, Windows desktop, PDA or smartphone.

Delegated Users
Maintains complete IT control over which users have access to the application.

Verify Identities
Requires users to validate their identities through a relational database before they can reset their accounts.

Automatic Alerts
Notifies users and administrators about pending password expirations.

Disable Accounts
Locates and disables stale user accounts.

Mandate Resets
Requires users to reset recently changed passwords at the time of their next logon.

Scheduled Reports
Generates scheduled and on-demand reports on user account activity.

Audit Logs
Presents a full audit trail of password changes by date or user.

Flexible Integration
Interfaces with any SQL-capable database and deploys without installing agents.

Database Integration
Operates with existing Active Directory or Human Resources databases.

Comprehensive Enrollment
Reports on which employees have not yet enrolled, ensuring universal participation.

Native 64-bit Support
Support for native 32-bit and 64-bit environments, providing greater performance in the Windows enterprise.

Randomized Verifications
Selects security verification questions randomly, preventing the same questions from being repeated.

Flexible Sourcing
Sources the user verification questions and answers with administrator defined data.

Web Interface
Utilizes existing domain group memberships for fully web-based solution.

Cross-Platform Access
Works with Windows, OSX, Linux and UNIX via the web interface to reset passwords on Microsoft domains.

Mobile Support for the Enterprise
Compatible with mobile devices including Windows Mobile, PocketPC, Palm and Blackberry.

Provides two-factor authentication to assure that only authorized users can access passwords.

Microsoft Certified
Certified for Microsoft Windows 7, Server 2008 R2, Vista, XP.


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