Account Reset Console

Account Reset Console (ARC) is a self-service Windows Password Reset tool. It solves one of the most common problems encountered by IT groups managing large Windows networks — users losing access to systems because of forgotten or expired passwords.

ARC allows your delegated users to reset their own passwords and unlock their own accounts without involving IT staff, helping your organization maintain high productivity levels. With ARC, your end-users do not lose access to critical systems for extended periods of time, and your organization reduces dependency on 7/24 Help Desk requirements - letting your IT staff pursue more strategic initiatives.

Account Reset Console provides the following benefits:  

Self-Service and Help Desk Password Resets

This password management tool grants your users a secure and audited method for resetting or unlocking their Windows accounts without involving the Help Desk. Users can reset their passwords from the Windows Logon screen via a "Forgot Password" link on their systems, or through a secure web interface.

Let delegated users reset their own passwords with Account Reset Console

Automatically Manage Expired or Inactive User Accounts

Automatically scan your user accounts and disable the stale or unknown accounts that are identified. By identifying and quickly disabling inactive user accounts, potentially serious security vulnerabilities in the Windows network are closed. The risk is that orphaned accounts can be exploited by hackers or malicious insiders to gain unauthorized access to sensitive company resources.

Complete Audit Trail of Password Reset Operations

Through the ARC web interface you can view a full audit trail of the password management actions performed on user accounts, and generate reports for security auditors. Oversight control is provided through the tool’s auditable logs. Successful and failed logons and password change re­quests are recorded to a central database. 

Two-Factor Authentication for Password Resets

Choose to enforce two-factor authentication via RSA SecurID during password resets. Ensure that only staff with physical possession of a hardware authenticator and properly provisioned credentials can access passwords through Account Reset Console.

Reset Passwords Through Mobile Devices

Account Reset Console works with your mobile devices as well as your desktops, allowing your IT staff and end-users to conveniently reset passwords from anywhere, on any device. 

Integrate Password Resets with Existing Business Databases

The process of validating users in Account Reset Console can be integrated with business databases that already exist in your IT environment.