About Lieberman Software

Lieberman Software Corporation is a cybersecurity software company whose products help customers isolate and contain data breaches that occur after cyber-attacks penetrate the network perimeter. With its proactive cyber defense solutions, Lieberman Software protects access to systems with sensitive data from advanced persistent threats (APTs) and other forms of malware, as well as malicious insiders with elevated privileges.

Since its founding in 1978, Lieberman Software has been profitable, management owned and US-based. The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with offices and channel partners around the world. All product development and testing operations are conducted in the United States. 

The company has more than 1,400 enterprise and upper mid-market customers, across all major vertical industries - particularly those with deep regulatory compliance requirements and high-value intellectual property that demands stringent protection.

Lieberman Software’s adaptive privilege management solutions limit cyber-attack opportunities by presenting a reduced attack surface through frequent rotation and controlled disclosure of credentials. The solutions scale to large, dispersed enterprise environments – on premises and in the cloud.

The company also offers a long-standing line of security management products. These products locate and remediate security problems occurring within the IT infrastructure, where rapid and comprehensive response is crucial.

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