2012 Texas Cyber Security Tour


Privileged identities are the most powerful accounts in your organization. They grant access to your sensitive information and allow users to change configuration settings on computer operating systems, applications, databases and network appliances, anonymously, at any time. And since these privileged logins are probably known to many individuals and are seldom changed, there may be no accountability for their use.

Join our informative, 90 minute luncheon to find out:

  • How unsecured privileged accounts can lead to potential security holes in servers, network appliances, web services, line-of-business applications and other critical IT assets;

  • The unintended ways that access to sensitive data can spread within an organization over time;

  • Steps that real-world organizations have taken to quickly gain (and prove) continuous control over privileged identities – including identifying at-risk IT assets, strengthening privileged password security, and controlling and monitoring access to private data.

Ensure that your information security requirements, including the necessary privileged account security controls, get implemented quickly and comprehensively. Attend a luncheon to learn how we can help you mitigate security risks associated with leaving your "Keys to the Kingdom" unmanaged.



Dallas, TX



Tuesday, November 13






11:15 - 11:30am

11:30 - 12:00pm

12:00 - 1:00pm

1:00 pm


Registration & Welcome

Presentation: Take Control of Your Administrative Credentials


$200 Gift Card Giveaway

Attendance to the Texas Cyber Security Tour is a must for information security professionals, infrastructure technology managers and executives, data center architects, systems administrators, and IT leaders.

Attire: Business Casual Attire, Fees: None

Attend for your chance to win a
$200 Cavender Boot City gift card!

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