2012 Outsourcing Survey

Organizations that are contemplating outsourcing IT operations as a cost-cutting measure may want to reconsider, according to a survey conducted by Lieberman Software at InfoSec Europe 2012 in London.

The company's 2012 Survey of IT Professionals - Outsourcing reports attitudes toward outsourcing expressed by nearly 250 IT professionals throughout Europe in organizations of all size.

Lieberman Software's second annual outsourcing survey reveals that:

  • 42% of respondents claim that costs of their outsourcing agreements were higher than originally planned.
  • 64% of respondents suspect that their outsourcers made up work to earn extra money.

When it comes to finding a subject matter expert or experienced implementer of particular systems, an IT outsourcer can be a particularly valuable resource. However, results of this survey suggest that organizations that do choose to outsource should not base their decisions solely on cost. Rather, IT management should ensure that in-house staff maintains control of IT operations and data security at all times.

Lieberman Software develops privileged identity management products, including Enterprise Random Password Manager, that provide authoritative audit trails to prove that all personnel – including outsourcers – follow principles of “least privilege” with respect to accessing systems with sensitive data.

The IT Outsourcing Survey Details

Have your IT outsourcing agreements cost you:

Less than originally planned: 9%
About as much as originally planned: 49%
More than originally planned:: 26%
Significantly more than originally planned: 16%

Thinking only about your IT outsourcer agreements, have you ever felt that the outsourcer made up more work to earn extra money from your organization?

No: 36%
Yes: 64%

Do you trust the quality of the work performed by your IT outsourcers:

Less than work by in-house staff: 33%
About the same as work by in-house staff: 52%
More than work by in-house staff: 15%