2011 Outsourcing Survey

IT Outsourcing Survey

The 2011 Survey of IT Professionals - Outsourcing from Lieberman Software reports attitudes about outsourcing expressed by IT staff in organizations of all size and in different geographic regions.

The survey reveals that a surprising 77% of respondents believe that their outsourcers have made up work to earn extra money.

It also reports IT professionals’ perceptions regarding outsourcing costs versus original expectations.
The survey was conducted at RSA Conference 2011 in Las Vegas and InfoSec Europe 2011 in London. Nearly 500 IT professionals were queried.

There are numerous IT outsourcers who provide significant value. And it's a fact that qualified outsourcers can bring many organizations into compliance with IT security mandates faster than the organizations can achieve on their own. However, the survey suggests that organizations of any size should proceed with caution when it comes to outsourcing. And businesses that outsource should take a centralized management approach to data protection – in order to give IT management maximum control, with minimal impact on operations and productivity.

Lieberman Software offers privileged identity management solutions, including Enterprise Random Password Manager, that provide authoritative audit trails to prove that all personnel – including internal staff, outsourcers, and cloud service provider personnel – follow principles of “least privilege” with respect to privileged access of sensitive data.


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