2011 IT Attitudes and Outlook Survey

IT Security Survey The2011 Survey of IT Professionals: Attitudes and Opinions from Lieberman Software reports insights on IT security, work attitudes, job security and other opinions offered anonymously by IT professionals in organizations of all size and in different vertical markets and geographic regions.

Highlights of the survey include:

  • 42 percent of IT staff can get unauthorized access to their organization’s most sensitive information – including the CEO’s private documents.
  • 78 percent of respondents admitted they could walk out the office tomorrow taking highly sensitive information with them.
  • 33 percent say they’d still be able to access sensitive information long after leaving the company.  

These results suggest that many of today's organizations are ignorant to the level of access their IT staff have to systems that may contain highly sensitive data. Without a solution that provides only delegated and audited temporary access to privileged accounts, these organizations risk costly data breaches, failed compliance audits and negative publicity.

Lieberman Software offers privileged identity management solutions, including Enterprise Random Password Manager, that continuously discover, update, store, and enable secure recovery of the local, domain, and process account passwords in throughout the data center. These solutions provide authoritative audit trails to eliminate the anonymity of privileged access and prove that delegated IT personnel are following principles of “least privilege” with respect to privileged access of sensitive data.

The survey was conducted at RSA Conference 2011 in Las Vegas and InfoSec Europe 2011 in London. Nearly 500 IT professionals were queried.


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